Run & Hide


  • The eighth track from Nicki Minaj's fourth studio album, Queen, "Run & Hide" finds her suffering from trust issues.

    Don't be goofy, bring some passion to the table, what you doin'?
    Don't be stupid, I'm the realest bitch you know, yeah, I'm the truest
    When you pull up, gotta pull up on me like you already knew it
    Yeah, you keep saying you the truth well, nigga, you gon' have to prove it.

    Minaj has been cheated on all too often in the past, hence her caution in this relationship.
  • The song finds Nicki Minaj expressing her feelings in a softer-spoken R&B style. Speaking to Elle magazine's July 2018 issue, the rapper discussed making music outside the trap realm on her Queen album.

    "It has to be '80s," she reportedly told producer J. Reid before they began working on the record. "It has to be boom bap. I don't want to do no trap s--t 'cause everybody's doing that s--t."
  • Toronto producer Sevn Thomas, best known for his work on Rihanna and Drake's "Work," came up with the beat along with Rex Kudo. He told Billboard the pair had been in the studio since midnight the night before as they like to "binge work." Kudo played him a sample and he "reversed it, pitched it, transposed it and I just built the whole beat around it and found the pocket."

    Thomas added it was just one of those beats that appeared to make itself. "It just worked perfectly," he said. "It kind of has a bounce where you can really rap to it but I like what she did with the record because it was really soft and introspective."


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