Carl Panzram

Album: Carl Panzram - EP (2007)


  • The alluringly named Nightmare At Hanging Rock contributed two songs to the 2011 documentary Carl Panzram: The Spirit Of Hatred And Vengeance; the third was contributed by The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers who are renowned for songs in this genre, but these two give them a run for their money.

    "Carl Panzram" is autobiographical in content, but any claims made by professional criminal and convicted murderer Panzram should be taken with a grain of salt, or maybe a boulder. The song is credited to the duo, i.e. Darren Kaplan and Mike Markowski, and runs to a mere 2 minutes 26 seconds. It was released on Amazon, July 1, 2007 as part of a 3-track EP. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England


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