Aero Zeppelin

Album: Incesticide (1992)
  • This song is about Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, but it's mainly about the trendiness of most music, as seen with the major fame of bands like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. >>
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    Hugh - Berkeley, CA
  • Dave Grohl didn't play the drums on this track, it was Danny Peters. The song was recorded in Reciprocal Recording Studios on January 23, 1988 but it was released on the Incesticide album as track 13 in 1992. >>
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    Nikhil - Rome, Italy

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  • Neill from Fredericksburg, VaTo anyone who says it’s deeper than being about Zeppelin or aerosmith, you obviously haven’t heard their music. No ones talking about the lyrics when they say what the songs about here. It’s the sound, the guitar riff sounds just like zeppelin imo. I feel like there can’t be any disagreement on that
  • Zero from The Abyss, NjI heard it as, "An idea is what we lack, does it matter anyways?"
  • Chadchanning from AberdeenIn 1988, Ted Ed Fred played a concert in San Francisco. Before Kurt breaks into Aero Zeppelin, the crowd are so quiet that a shout of "I've got a big white dick" is heard very audibly from the audience.
  • Anthony from Orange Park, FlIts about how people just make or do stuff cause its "In" or popular how everyone copies because the person they are copying are big
  • Jeramy Spicer from Covington, KyDanny Peters is NOT the drummer of this song but neither is Dave Grohl. Dale Crover was the drummer. Danny Peters was only the drummer on the song Sliver. And Dave had not joined the band yet. He joined in 1990, and the song was recorded in 1988 when Grohl was still with the band Scream.
  • Graham from Atlanta, GaHow much deeper can you go the lyrics? The feel of the song? Even so, that offers no evidence as to the specific meaning of the song.
  • Matt from Houston, Txlyrics don't always have to explain the meaning. some people are deeper than that, graham
  • Zugar from Italy, ItalyIt's just a song about (then) new bands ("soundgarden, pearl jam, white snake, cat butt, and nirvana") SOUNDING TOO MUCH LIKE a mixture of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, hence Aero Zeppelin.

    Like a "goddam, we're boring!" You can't get any grungier than that.
  • Graham from Atlanta, GaWow, that is not what the song is about. Half the "facts" on this site are total s--t. Just because the title is Aero Zeppelin doesn't mean it's about Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. Why don't you read the f--king lyrics every once in a while?
  • Steve from Louisville, OhC'mon, man! Dan Peters drummed on "Sliver". Dale Crover drummed on this song....
  • Jake from Bettendorf, IaNivana is the best no joke..broke the hair band trend thank god...gave songs meanings only band as good as them is Staind
  • Daylan from Atlanta, Gatheir is no way that this is about soundgarden and all the others. mainly because they wrote this song in the 80s.
  • Mykal from Manteca, CaThis song is about how lyrics nowadays mean nothing and are just written to sell CDs
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhI've only heard this tune on "With The Lights Out" box set, on the DVD- I've gotta check it out.
  • Mario from Riverside, CaThis song is way cool even the meaning. incesticide is a great album.
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cathis song is not about aerosmith and led zeppelin. quote from kurt himself..."this song isn't about either led zeppelin or aerosmith...its about soundgarden, pearl jam, white snake, cat butt, and nirvana".
  • Gabriel Maclean from Toronto, CanadaAll Nirvana songs have alot of messages
  • Madison from Long Beach, Cai like this song alot its tight
  • Rob from Castaic, CaCool song, especcially the intro and the first verse. Its about other stuff too. Its got a lot of messages.
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