Even In His Youth

Album: Smells Like Teen Spirit B-Side (1991)
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  • First recorded in 1989, this song, like "Been A Son," explores Kurt Cobain's need for acceptance from his father and his anger about the fact that sometimes he didn't feel good enough for his dad. >>
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    Matt - Millbrae, CA
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  • Bogdan from Bucarest, RomaniaTo me this song and Sappy are Nirvana's most sad songs.I mean youth is regarded as your prime, the time where everything is wonderful, beautiful, sun is shining and all that.

    So what can we say about a guy that felt like nothing when he was young ?

    As the song says,even if your youth isn't the best time you've ever had then what do you have left ?
  • Bert from Pueblo, Nmisn't this dave grohl's riff? i've heard that somewhere
  • Rushan from Colombo, OtherExcellent rare song with so much energy
  • Truth from Mississauga, Canadai think this is one of the saddest songs he wrote.
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