Milk It


  • Like "Heart-Shaped Box" and "Drain You," this song explores many medical themes. It also appears to be about love in some form. >>
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  • Jackie Ramone from St Pete Florida I interpret this song differently in reverse because Kurt was using extensive reverse speech in his songs!!! In this song Doll steak backwards sounds like destroyed and test meat sounds like yeah I am dead!! I’ve come to the conclusion that Kurt May have faked his death and left clues in the album in reverse speech!!! I’ve started to use reverse speech in my own music in a band called Catatonic Scripts!
  • Mike from New YorkI thought "doll steak, test meat" was "don't stay, take me". Doesn't make much sense but it sounds like something angsty Kurt would say
  • Faye from Philadelphia I always thought the line "angel, left wing, right wing, broken wing" was kind of political
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjJoel2pointo, yes! I always thought that was what he was saying! And Layton, the drums most certainly are in time, Dave just hits the bass and snare on the offbeats.
  • Nicolas from Montreal, QcTo me this song has always clearly been about addiction, heroin specifically, and the difficulties of getting clean. "I am my own parasite, we feed off each other, we can share our ENDORPHINS" and "Your scent is still here in my place of recovery"... This all seems to be the exact sentiment of any opiate user I've ever known.

  • Joel2point0 from Nashville, Tn"lack of iron and/or sleeping" sounds like i can lie here i'm not sleeping.
  • Colleen from Mankato, MnI kinda want to have sex with the "With the Lights Out" demo version. Brilliant and beautiful.
  • Layton from Paris, TxHmm, i actually like the version on In Utero better than the version on With The Lights Out. This song is actually really complex and shows the creative side of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Dave Grohl puts an awesome drum beat in this. If you notice there is hardly any timing on it at all, a tough one to tap your foot to.
  • Defri from Samarinda, Indonesiai think the song is about kurt's addiction,the phrases "i'm my own parasite" implies that he realized the drugs abuse will kill him...
  • O.l from Syracuse, Nyi can see why not many people like scentless apprentice and tourrettes, but i think this song has alot more substance and is therefore truly underrated.
  • Aleah from New Kensington, Sc cool song, I like the lyrics "Doll steak! Test meat! Look on the bright side is suicide." it's saying what you think is real can easily be fake or not real. The suicide thing can be taken as: being toaly naive will kill you!!! KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD!!!
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaI like the demo version better on the box set "With The Lights Out" better than the studio version. If u can notice, it has different lyrics.
  • D from Many, MaThis is definately one of the best from In Utero. By far underappreciated. Like Scentless Apprentice and Tourrettes, it embodies that absurdly raw and heavy rock that Kurdt aimed for.
  • Derp from Jackson, Msi think this song is one of the best on in-utero guess not many people like it though
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