Paper Cuts

Album: Bleach (1989)
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  • This is based partly on a family who kept their kids locked up in the attic of their house in the band's hometown of Aberdeen. Kurt Cobain wrote the song after reading the story in the news. In a 1989 interview, he explained he actually knew one of the siblings: "His brother and sister were locked in a house and abused by their parents for years. They were treated as dogs for the first five or six years of their lives." >>
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  • This is the only song in which Kurt Cobain actually mentions Nirvana. In a 1989 UK radio interview, Cobain said the tune was written before the band actually called themselves Nirvana, and the lyric most likely inspired the name. >>
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  • Noodle from MinnesotaWhat’s the actually story like the name?
  • Layton from Paris, TxBleach is definitly my favorite Nirvana record, Negative Creep is my favorite off the album...but Paper Cuts is my second favorite. It's a great song, tons of creativity on the entire album.
  • Axl from Kilgore, TxThis is my favorite song and I think that Bleach is there best "grunge" album. After Bleach they got a better studio with geffen and it really cleaned up their sound but I like the de-tuned heavy sound of the songs.
  • Jac from Boulder, Coman....this is one of my favorit nirvana songs!!!! bleach was there best album!!!
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