The Decline

Album: The Decline (1999)
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  • This song is about social decline in American society. >>
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    Zachary - Charlotte, NC
  • It is rumored that NOFX did to Pink Floyd's movie The Wall what Pink Floyd did to The Wizard of Oz. On the front of NOFX's CD The Decline, there is a young boy holding a plane. In the movie The Wall, a young boy holding a plane appears in the movie about 16 minutes in. Coincidence? You can try it yourself (there are a few more coincidences, such as a gun when he's singing about a gun, explosions on beat...), all you have to do is play the movie, and at the Lion's second roar start the song. Nothing will happen for a few minutes, but just wait, it is kind of cool. What I thought was the best is when the song gets slower, and the film changes to a mellow scene for the exact amount of time. When the movie gets full of action, and explosions, the music picks up.
  • Regarding the line, "A 20-year vacation, after all he had a dime," a "dime" is a dimebag of marijuana, which was worth more in Detroit because they had a stricter marijuana policy, where, in California, it was only a $20 fine. This section comes right around the 4:20 mark in the song, which may or may not be a coincidence. >>
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    Matt - Smithville, TN
  • In the song they reference "Serotonin's gone," which is a chemical in the body that is believed to be a contributor to well being and happiness. This may tie in to the lyric "One more pill to kill the pain," in which SSRIs (antidepressants) adjust the serotonin levels in the body. >>
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    Taylor - Norristown, PA

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  • Jonny from Montreal, QcDoesn't this song have to do with "The Decline of Western Civilization?" (The movie AND the concept)Personally, I haven't seen the movie but they make enough references to it in their album covers...just sayin... (I've seen NO MENTION on any other site of this idea)
  • Anaïs from Paris, United Statesfrom the nofx site,one of the band members says,"Nightmare! Recording this f--k was a total nightmare. Writing it was a total nightmare. I'm glad we did it but I wouldn't do it again. We went back to the studio 3 different times and added stuff and remixed and remastered 4 times. It ain't no rock opera like song remains the same or nothing. We got the idea from subhumans, not rush. Why an 18 minute song? Just to do something different. We've done enough short songs, time for a long one. Anyway, my advice, never try this song at home."
  • Kim from Stuart, FlI wouldn't call it one of the most difficult songs. I mean, I've been playing it on bass for two years. Hell of a peice to learn, only because it's so long it's hard to stop and practice particular parts. I feel sorry for the poor bastard who sat down and tabbed it out.
  • Laura from Marysville, WaThis song is the only thing that can make me happy and depressed at the same time.
  • Trevor from Toronto, CanadaI expected a way better explination of this songs amazing yet complicated lyrics. The Decline is most definately one of the best and most difficult songs ever written. And P.S. I HAVE SEEN IT LIVE!!!!!!!!
  • Justin from Montreal, CanadaIf you'll notice, at 420 in the song. Fat Mike starts to sing about a guy who gets arrested for WEED. This is too perfect to be a coincidence.
  • Neil from Swansea, Europe(safe)
  • Neil from Swansea, EuropeI think the title pretty much sums it up. its about the decline of america and how everyone sits back and accepets it. listen to the lyrics including melvins backing vocals at 5:10 dont think (stay) drink your wine (home) watch the fire burn (be) his probelms not mine
  • Jared from Memphis, TnFirst of all any link between this song and any silly movie gimmick is absolutly absurd. This is absolutly the best punk rock song of all time and deserves more than a Pink Floyd reference. I'm sure Fat Mike didnt write this around the wall, and after reading this I tried it out. The few simularities are purely coincidental.
  • Hans from Oakdale, CaNOFX is f*cking awesome sweet and simple
  • Spando from Perth, AustraliaFat Mike denies any reference to the wall outright on the nofx site. It is pretty cool, ive tried it myself, but it is just a coincidence. The song is basically about all the problems in america today from drug laws to gun control to religion in washington. It also discusses all the distractions and easy answers we obsess over. A couple of points, a 'dime bag' is a small amount of weed, and is being used in this case to show the inconsistant drug laws between states. Asphixyation can mean suffocating yourself as a form of suicide among other things, but thats what it means here. 'the christians love their guns' isnt in reference to the religion in general, just the christians in congress lobbying against gun control. 18 minutes of total punk poetry. If you haven't heard it you really need to.
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