Black Rock

Album: Wanderer (2000)
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  • This song is about an actual place lead singer Marc Roberge and other band members went during High School in Montgomery County, Maryland. There were woods along a section of Black Rock Road in Germantown where they would go hang out. The song is about going to a place special to you when you need to get away.
  • A version of this was included on the first disk on their two-disk live album Any Time Now.
  • At many shows, Roberge alters the lyrics and sings "We all have our black rock, it's in our minds." >>
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  • O.A.R. stands for "Of A Revolution." Check out our interview with Marc Roberge.

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  • Brendan from Derwood, MdThat's my boy Z-Schoe! We go crazy for them when they play at home, particularly for this one. Gettin that Montgomery County refernce in there. Still, City on Down is my favorite
  • Nick from Rochester, NyPoker: best song period
  • Cory from Hilliard, OhThis is one of my favorite songs by O.A.R. I think it's because the song talks about how people have a place that they go to when they need to think hard. I like the version on Any Time Now and 34th&8th
  • Sam from Seattle, WaI think its great how O.A.R. mixes up and changes their songs for live performances. Another band that does that, that i like, is King Crimson.
  • Zach from Rockville, MdYes, I know its always good to admit that you stole something from the government on the internet...
    But yeah, O.A.R. is my favorite band, and Marc's mother taught at my middle school. My favorite song by O.A.R. is by far "black rock", for its symbolic meaning of Maryland. I love how O.A.R. mixes up their lyrics to their songs, and how their live versions are better than the studio recordings. For in the 21st century today, its hard to find a band this substancial.
  • Samuel from Germantown, Mdhaha I live right near Black Rock Road to. I have the actual Road Sighn. Well 2 or 3 of them haha. We always steal the sighn and bring it to the OAR concerts. I even have on of the sighns autographed by OAR. If anyone would like to buy one of these sighns their only 50 dollars. Call me 301-367-2442
  • Tim from Columbus, Ohi actually am origionally from Maryland and spent some time in black rock when i was younger.. and about the same time that Marc and the fellas from OAR moved out to columbus Ohio to go to Ohio state, i moved there too, and that is were i currently live and go to school.. GO BUCKS
  • Erica from Hasbrouck Heights, NjI had a friend that I knew all my life that died tragically when he was 22. He lived far from me, but we still saw each a couple of times a year. At his funeral one of his friends played a song. My friend talked about his friends and their band a lot so I knew who they were. A year or two later I recongized the song on the radio as the song that was played at my friend's funeral. It was "I Feel Home" I found out that the band had gotten very popular and I couldn't be more proud of them. When my group of friends mourned for our friend, the group was very conforting to us. They told me that "Patiently" was written for our friend and I know that they dedicate "Mr. Brown" to him often because that was his favorite song.
  • Kyle from Gaithersburg, MdBlack rock is less then 10 minutes from my house. It's amazing I have also spent my time in Black Rock park writing a memory and writing a rhyme.
  • Greer from Somerset, NjMy favorite song by OAR is "My Life" but it's mainly because it expressed how I felt about a break up I had a while back....
  • Dave from Philadelphia, PaIf you think "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker" is their best song your crazy. Don't get me wrong I really like that song, but some of their other material is better. For instance, "Old Man Time," "City On Down," or "Hey Girl," to name a few. I strongly reccomend the song "I Feel Home." It is an awesome song which basically reminds you to remember where you got your roots. By the way, the term "Black Rock" is also used in the song "Old Man Time"-"Right here at the Black Rock lay your cards down," "But the Black Rock is never too far away."
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtIndeed - "That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker" is probably their best song. They're pretty damn good.
  • Chris from Topeka, KsO.A.R. rocks. Their songs kinda sound similar but I don't care. I think one of their best songs is Someone In The Road. Very good, also S Moved On and Here's To You.
  • Robert from Chicago, IlRyan is right, crazy game of poker is their best song!
  • Ryan from Northlake, Ilbest song by far from them is crazy game of poker
  • Laura from Washington, Dci was at the 930 club when they recorded the live cd and when they placed this song marc added a little "Maryland that is..." after the first mention of "on the black rock"... the hometown crowd went craaaazzzy!!!
  • Rachel from Waurika, OkDude I never even heard of the guys until this last summer. My cousin let my dad borrow a cd of theirs and we listened to them on the way to his house. These guys are very cool. Their songs are kinda long but hey they rock anyway.
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