Bag It Up

Album: Dig Out Your Soul (2008)
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  • This was inspired by the Pretty Things song "Baron Saturday," from their 1968 album S.F.Sorrow. After Serge Pizzomo from Kasabian played it to Noel Gallagher, the Oasis songwriter decided to write a song like it. However after titling it "Bag It Up," Gallagher was unaware that Geri Halliwell had recorded a song of the same title. He told Mojo magazine August 2008: "When I came home with the finished thing, I stuck it on and the missus goes, 'Bag It Up? Isn't that a song by Geri Halliwell?' I'm straight on the internet and sure enough. I was like, 'You've ruined my entire year.'"
  • This was one of the first three tracks recorded for the album at guitarist Gem Archer's home studio. They became the blueprint for the album.
  • Noel Gallagher told Q magazine October 2008: "'Bag It Up' is about the time I used to do psychedelic drugs. You always remember your acid trips and mushrooms and glue sniffing when you were a kid." He added: "It was kind of remembering all the old acid trips we used to have on the local golf course. That period of my life from 14-17."
  • Noel Gallagher described this to Q magazine as: "Slow pounding acid rock, The Pretty Things vs The Pink Floyd on glue."
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  • Valo from Moscow, Russia FederationJust noticed that the line about the Monkey Man might be from Stones' eponymous song.
  • J from Port Huron, MiTerrific song. No one else thinks so, huh?
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