Champagne Supernova

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)
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  • Noel Gallagher got the title when he misheard the name of the Pixies album Bossanova. He was watching a documentary about champagne at the time.
  • Noel Gallagher has a house in North London that he named "Supernova Heights."
  • Paul Weller, former frontman of The Jam, played guitar on this.
  • This was one of the few Oasis songs released as a single in the US. It went to #1 on the Modern Rock chart, and for a while it looked like Oasis was going to break through in the States.
  • Noel came up with the phrase "Caught beneath the landslide" when he saw a sugar jar in his girlfriend's kitchen. You can see this peculiar jar in the disk booklet where the lyrics are printed. >>
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    Alfonso Perez - Queretaro, Mexico
  • Critics have been habitually sniffy about the incomprehensibility of some of Noel Gallagher's lyrics, a prime example being this song's "Slowly walking down the hall / Faster than a cannonball." Gallagher recalled to The Sunday Times March 8, 2009 that a writer was going on about the lyrics to this song, "and he actually said to me: 'You know, the one thing that's stopping it being a classic is the ridiculous lyrics.' And I went: 'What do you mean by that?' And he said: 'Well, 'Slowly walking down the hall / Faster than a cannonball' - what's that mean?' And I went: 'I don't f---ing know. But are you telling me, when you've got 60,000 people singing it, they don't know what it means? It means something different to every one of them.'"
  • Quarantined as the coronavirus pandemic spread, on March 21, 2020, Liam Gallagher posted a video of himself washing his hands while singing this as "Champagne Soapernova." The same day, he also posted "Wonderwash" and "Soapersonic."

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  • Tarek from Canada"Slowly walking down the hall / Faster than a cannonball." - when you're high on uppers and your brain is going at a million miles an hour but you are acting docile to try to hide it.
  • Alan from IrelandI think this song is wide-open to interpretation as Renren says and touches people's nerves on some lyrics.
  • Msmith from JakartaA supernova is the death of a star. I think he’s referring to his own future downfall of fame when he might run into a high school crush at a cocktail party. In high school they had different cliques: He—the cool kid musician; she—the nerdy girl who was probably in science class with him—hence the earth science allusions. I refuse to believe my interpretation is wrong. And Noel G is infamous for mocking musicians past their prime and would never admit any of it.
  • Pru from United StatesFor me this song is so much deeper. Some day you will find me caught beneath the landside is Angie when I die. People who knew can think of me hair somewhere in the energy's of space the universe spinning around chasing the ultimate high of happiness in sky on a supernova.
  • Jordan Rose from New YorkNone of you can say with any certainty what this song is about, maybe to one of you it's about drugs, and to another it's about an absent parent, but you cannot, with any certainty say what this song is about because not even the writer knows, just enjoy the music, really listen to it, find the meaning to you, or don't.
  • Renren from Manila, Philippinesthe best about this song is it could mean anything and you'll find yourself listening to it over and over again . the first time i heard this song was on my cousin's laptop on her files of favorite music when the intro and verse came in i was like it sounds good and here comes the chorus then BOOM !! i feel like yeah i could listen to this song all night long until the next day it still stuck in my head and i quickly look up for the chords and it is the first oasis song i've learned until now i always play it with my guitar and sing it what this song means to me

    How many special people change
    ( our friends are being more mature now
    that they having their life like having a job , having a family being committed to something )
    How many lives are living strange
    ( we're seeing people living a life they
    never wanted in the first place and ended up regretting the path they chose )
    Where were you while we were getting high
    ( Where are you when i'm down and i need you .. Good times with our friends will not be the same like we always do.. they have their own lives now we're not
    kids anymore
    Slowly walking down the hall
    Faster than the Cannonball
    ( you feel the world is getting worse on you like some of your friends having a better life and things didn't go your way )

    Someday you will find me Caught beneath the Landslide
    In a Champagne Supernova in the Sky
    ( Someday they will see that you can be in the top of the world it was like when you feel down and when you get motivated you want to show em' something. something you can feel your proud of. they will see that you can do something and that one day your dreams can come true
  • Eric from Rhinelander, WiAmber, he does say "supernover". It's the "linking r" found in British english as well as Boston/Northeastern American english due to their Irish/British roots. It's found at the end of words that end in a vowel that are followed by a word that begins with a vowel. It can also be heard in the music of Long Island native Billy Joel. A good example is the lyric "Brender and Eddie" (Brenda and Eddie) in the song "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant".
  • Amber from Indianapolis, Ini love this song :] i dont no many oasis songs but of the few that i have heard, this is my favorite! the day i heard this song playing on the the only new rock station around me, i loved it! it makes me sing in a british accent xD

    and is it just me or does it kinda like he says "champagne supernover"? lol
  • Brian from Boston, MaIf this band was so great they would have been bigger in the US. the fact is they are not that great.They have a few decent songs but that is all.When they were popular in the 90's the US bands were much better.Champagne Supernova was a hit in this country but most of their other stuff just was not that great.When I first heard of them they were constantly compared to the Beatles.I think this comparison hurt them for the most part.Any band that has ever been compared to the Beatles Ussually is not that good of a band. The Knack [my sharona] was compared to the Beatles for christ sake.In the 90's there was a lot of new exciting Rock an Roll and Oasis just was not as good as most of it. Pearl Jam Counting Crows ,The Black Crowes The Gin Blossoms ,Toad the wet Sprockett Soundgarden these bands were all better
  • Nana from Indianapolis, InAs I began driving to my home away from the driveway of the man I love...this song happened to come on the radio. I've always enjoyed this song but never analyzed what the message or meaning was/is. I had just pretty much poured my heart out to this man that I love him and want a chance with him. He didn't tell me yes or no but we talked about our past relationships and how we've grown/hurt/dealt with them. He and I have known each other going on 6 years so for me: `How many special people change` = People who are special to you in your life whether blood, friend, comrade, or lover....they may change. For better or worse, change in them may come. You might be part of the change and always stay connected the way you were at the onset of the relationship, and then again, maybe not.
    `How many lives are living strange`= People live different lives depending on the roles they play. Mothers/Fathers who are raising children most times live differently then single folks. The single folks might feel the parents life is strange and vice versa. It doesnt make either one of them wrong or right, it just makes it different. Perhaps Gallagher's logic is simply posing that fact that there are people out there living their lives the way they choose thouch society might think it 'strange'
  • Adam from Jersey, United KingdomNo offense to anybody, but I feel you guys are trivializing the song when you say "It's just about drugs". To me, at least, it's clear there's something far more to this song than just "O' I woz off me head mate an' there's now't you can do about't". I personally can't discern what it's about, whether it's life or their father or whatever, all I know is that it's 15 years later and this song still stirs something up deep down inside of me. This isn't a song you listen to, boys and girls, it's a song you _experience_.
  • Aland from London, United Kingdom"How many Special people change, how many lives are lived estranged, where were you when we were getting high" Its about their Dad leaving them when they were young
  • Dane from Lima,ohio, FlI didn't know there was a long version(7 min. plus) til maybe a year ago.I don't know or care what it means,it's just a cool song.I love the splashing sounds in the very beginning of the song.Their only other song I know is"Wondrwall".I like it too but "Champagne Supernova" is the really cool one.
  • Alex from Paridise, Italyi think this song is talking about drugs , alcohol. etc.
    well the first lines ,
    how many special people change
    how many lives are living strange?
    i think mean people who are on drugs are changing who they are , and families are living strange because children don't have a mother or father anymore.
    and the whole song kind of has little hints like that.
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaThis song is simply about drugs. There are a lot of references to drugs. A great song...
  • Craig from Scotland, United KingdomAlot of people, including me, think this song is about their father, who walked out on them when the were boys, and the result it had on their lives. Noel had an impressive criminal record by the time he was in his teens and had been using drugs. The line "Where were you when we were gettin' high?" is a challenge to there father.
  • Alibi from Milwaukee, WiWell, I've decided... this song is all about vampires!.... Defiantly vampires.
  • Panini from Killeen, TxSomeone needs to keep them alive when they go down. I wish they were like the beatles- known all over. Oasis is the best!!!
  • Stew from Rye, NySadly, the biggest difference between them and the Beatles is the fact that Oasis never made it really big in the states. Obviously a very talented band, people just failed to recognize that and prefered much crappier pop stuff. Bands like Oasis, The Coral, and Supergrass have the talent to be great and have risen in England, but remain almost entirely unknown in the US.
  • Lloyd from Denver, CoThis song continues to be a favorite of mine since its release. Over the years, the song, like many others, has had a various meanings to me. I have recently found new meaning in the song after having a very close, but depressed suicidal friend, die from an overdose (intentional?). What some of the meaning is now for me:
    How some of us can change from our lives to that of being an addict, how our addict lives are strange to normal people. Us asking where our supposed friends were while we were getting high as opposed to being there to help us? You think you are walking down the path of addiction slowly, but it is a speeding cannonball ready to hit and kill you. Someday you will find an addict buried in addiction (landside) that we cannot get out from under. And death from an overdose or other consequences of drug use. So high we no longer know what reality is and the death that will come that will hopefully relieve us of the misery and pain of life placing our spirit in the sky. How we continue to dream eventually into that death not realizing that death is near. How we cry from that relief. We always say we are going to quit, that we will do something with our lives. It doesn't matter who lives and dies, those left behind are still spinning in their world.
    Like many songs/song lyrics, we can always find new meaning in them. Hopefully for the better. BTW - check out the definitions of "champagne supernova" at "Urban Dictionary". Some of these were around before the song was written. Makes you wonder.............
  • Hayley from Hillsborough, Njnoel said in an interview that he doesnt know what the song means but "where were you while we were getting high?" was in there cause thats what him and his friends used to say to eachother. and he says the "slowly walking down the hall faster than a cannonball" he wrote while he was high. he also said that "caught benith the landslide" was was what he feels like. he also said that everytime he listens to the song it means something different just depending on his mood.
  • Benjamin from Manchester, United KingdomThey make me proud to be Mancunian, haha!
    Liam and Noel went to my school, Barlow RC
    Really nice guys
  • Val from Des Moines, IaThe person who made me love this song his my best friend Michael! We listened to this band over and over and over! Champagne supernova and wonderwall are our favorite!
  • Nikki from Tampa, Flalthough this song has many drug references; it is simply a metaphor for the different classes of people and how they interact with one another---and what the world and their values mean to one another. certain persons are trying to be a part of other peoples lives that are not similar to theirs; and they are hoping for a small chance of unity or forgiveness.
  • Mm from Austin, Txdoing drugs and drinking champain is the song meaning
  • Megan from Winnipeg, CanadaI love Oasis. My favorite song by them would have to be "Some Might Say".
  • David from Tobyhanna, Paoh and i fogot to ad that he also says but you and i will never die... adding to my supernova idea. it also sounds like he said cause people beleive that there gonna get away from the sun. but i could be wrong.
  • David from Tobyhanna, Pai always thought what he was talking about was the fact the they were doing drugs like smoking pot and due to fame and youth and some beliefs that they thought were eternal beings and one day billions of years from now in the future when our sun dies and goes super nova possibly the color champaine there he will be... caught underneath that landslide.. just a my two cents.

  • Jennifer from North Augusta, ScI love this song it was the perfect song for the spiderman episode on the oc
  • Blake from Manchester, TnMy favorite song from my favorite band. Liam's best vocal work hands down and Noel's most surreal writing.
  • Mark from Worcester, Midanny, Hear what your saying. Still I think the vocal delivery between the Beetles and Oasis is similar. IMO that's part of it. They're worlds apart, but not without similarities.
  • Mark from Worcester, Migood band, good song. I get a kick out of the "Americans can't handle Liam" stuff. What a laugh. Zeppelin can come over and beat people up, rape and plunder our drug stores and women. The Stones have the Altamont concert. We have the whole rap music scene, where they shoot people over disputes and we handle all of it, but Liam? He's just to much for us. He's a scary dude and we can't handle him. Hah! What a joke. Still though, I'm glad they're around and I enjoy the music. Just keep scary Liam away from me.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaI just started listening to Oasis and I am surprised that the people on this post see the Beatles as similar to Oasis. The Beatles were more upbeat and psychedelic, and parents liked them, too. Just because they are both softer rock bands from England does not imply that they are similar.
  • Perttu from JyväskyläIn slang "Cannonball" is mix of inhaling some weed smoke and holding it while drinking whiskey or other strong alcohol. I think it might be one of Gallagher's hidden meanings. Very nice and peaceful ballad anyway, I love it. Quite surrealistic sounds at the beginning and hazy solo. Melodies are wonderful, lyrics are a bit difficult to understand.
  • Ben from Whittier, CaDIANA , karine oasis is way better that u2 just becuse they sold out like hell and they look great
    dosent mean there bettter than oasis bono may have better voice than liam but noel has a greater voice than bono pretty much u2 is lame!
    well Champagne Supernova is one the most greatest songs ever including a great drinking song!cheers oasis!
  • Sam from South Kingston, RiU2 and Oasis are completely different bands and it would be silly to compare them.
  • Michael from Henderson, NcOn Wikipedia it stated that Noel said, "I still dosen't know what it is about, but I think it might be about Reincarnation." This isn't really that far fetched because a line of the song reads, "Dream a dream she never dies." Alot of people who believe in reincarnation, see death it as the soul "changing cloathes" as opposed to unbelievers seeing it as living no more. Again this isn't too farfetched because in their song "who feels love" it uses the indian hand drumb the tabala and some of the guitar rifts sound like sitar. "The hindu Times" also has guitar rifts that sound like a sitar, and the obvious refrence to Hinduism in it's tittle.
  • Olivia from Perth, AustraliaI read a recent interview with Noel + Liam in an Uncut magazine, and Liam says that Champagne Supernova is about drugs. Noel also says that he never worries/thinks about the lyrics, they're not as important as the music to him, except for songs like "Live Forever"
    Oasis are one of the best bands
  • Brandon from Peoria, IlFast is another word for high...he is physically walking down a hall...higher than a kite...or in this case "faster than a cannonball"
  • Megan from Newcastle, Okthis song is amazing.
    It brought me and my best friend together.. we had a class together, but didnt know eachother.. and i heard her singing it one day out of the blue.. and I turned around and started singing it with her.. and we've been best friends for 4 years now. :)
  • Mark from Perth, AustraliaI was listening to a Velvet Underground song called 'Oh! Sweet Nuthin' of their 1970 album Loaded, and champagne supernova sounds quite a bit like it. Same solos or something. Anyway both great songs, especially this one.
  • Hac Barton from Las Vegas, NvActually, I have Gregorian chants on my iPod and I'm here to let you know, the part where they howl like monkeys actually is a little better than anything on
    Achtung Baby. (Bono is a pompous Jesus-complexed fool who spends $5,000 on glasses then complains about the state of Africa)Oasis is good, but I'd say they are at least as overhyped as U2.
  • Gerard from Honikiwi, New ZealandThis is a brilliant song. If it is in fact, about anything in particular I'd suggest estrangement or death due to celebrity excesses: "Where were you while we were getting high," from Noel Gallagher, could only possibly be about drugs. "Champagne supanova" is poetic for party, and "in the sky," could only be heaven, "caught beneath the landslide" means crushed the pressures of life. "How many special people change" is obviously about how fame changes you. "slowly walkin' down the hall [??of fame???], faster than a cannonball" is just being numb, surreal, quite possibly drugged out....
  • Lanto from Swansea, WalesWho aren't inspired by the beatles?
  • Cara from Perth, AustraliaWhoops! In the bit where I was explaining the part where this was in the OC, I totally got it wrong. The song played in the scene I described was actually Cannonball by Damian Rice. Chamagne Supernova plays in The Rainy Day Women, from when Summer leaves Zach at the airport to when she kisses Seth at his place in his Spidey mask. Awww.
  • Cara from Perth, AustraliaThis song is really amazing, I can't decide if it or Wonderwall is Oasis's best. It's really interesting reading through diferent people's takes on what the lyrics are really about. One thing that pisses me off though, is that on pretty much every single song's page, there are comments saying 'this song is about drugs'. If you look at any song in a certain way you could assume it to be talking of drugs, but a lot of time people can't be arsed looking for a deeper meaning. I'm not saying that there aren't any drug-related songs out there, I just really don't think that there are as many as some people think. Now I've had my little rant about that, I can get back on topic.
    Ok...someone asked if this was on the OC, and it was. It's that scene where Oliver has moved to Harbor, and Marissa argues with Ryan about him then walks to Oliver and Ryan is just's a great movement perfectly completed by the song.
    I think parts of Champagne Supernova may be about a relationship with a girl, who doesn't seem to show any interest, but the guy thinks she will come back to him; 'someday you will find me, caught beneath a landslide, in a champage supernova in the sky'. I love the idea of a champage supernova, (James already explained what a supernova is, I think), because although a supernova seems somehow solemn and serious, the champage might add a degree of happiness or brightness...bubbliness you might say! Also I like the theory of the landslide part being linked to Bohemian Rhapsody, would give the song a nice twist.
    And the line everyone seems to be talking about, the oxymoron (thanks Diablo!) 'saw you walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball'. I think the way it's so self-condridictory is to give it more effect, although it might be like people say, that while the person he is watching is moving slowly, they are still fast in comparison to everyone else. I also love the opening (I know I'm writing about the start at the end of my post but hey, that's the way I work!) how he descibes what's happening, how he's 'living strange' and the special people in his life are changing. I think it sets the mood for the song, slightly bitter but very much in love.
    I will finish (finally, you all think!) by saying even if Oasis is inspired by the Beatles, they are still wonderful songwriters and artists in their own right.
  • Nathan from Manchester, EnglandArrogant and obnoxious as they may be sometimes, you cant deny their musical genius. Lyrics dont make a lot of sense to me, but hey i still love the song!!
  • Lanto from Swansea, WalesPeople are still questioning the lyrics, its obvious if you just think about it... has as been stated...just use the information given and you'll realise the lyrics are effective... if not take the lyrics to your eglish primary teacher and ask him/her to explain it to you.
  • Maggie from Perth, AustraliaOasis are and awesome band even if the are a bit cocky. champagne supernova is an excellent song what ever its about. its one of my favourite songs and in my opinion the greatest song from the 90's. hopefully oasis will get back to there former brillance and release and album worth buying in the near future even if it is extremly unlikely.
  • Andrea Ruhlman from Charlevoix, Miis it just me, or does this song sound oddly like the george harrison's "all things must pass"? it may just be the beginning of harrison's song that sounds like the beginning of champagne supernova. maybe it is just me...
  • Rahul from Ottawa, CanadaStop comparing Oasis to the Beatles for God's sake. It's just a ridiculous comparison. Both bands are legends in their own right.
  • Malcolm from Ontario, CanadaShould have said, Agreed, Champagne = Cocaine.
  • Malcolm from Ontario, CanadaAnyone who?s been waxed in public understands the strange sensation of being numb from nose to lung while trying to go unnoticed amid relative sloths. Hence: ?Slowly walking down the hall, Faster than a cannon ball.?
  • Grace from Fairfax Station, VaI love this song and "Wonderwall". Oasis is a great band. I think this song is about drugs and how they can distract you from everything that's going on around you.
  • Tristan from Bangor, WalesChampagne = Cocaine. It's simply a song about being off one's head. Hence the nonsensical lyrics at the start.
  • James from Capernaum, KsI have found that it is rather interesting to view this as a bit of a reply to 'Wonderwall': he is still not with the girl, however, he is no longer afraid of the future because he now firmly believes that she is going to 'save' him-- herein from the decadence of the rock-music industry. Take a look at some of the excellent 'Wonderwall' entries for further background on the song.

    How many special people change

    [He is talking about the fact that he is different-- more mature now, and he believes it is because he is destined for great things "special people".]

    How many lives are living strange

    [Because he is indeed doing great things, his life has taken a bit of a strange course, quite straightforwardly expressed with "living strange".]

    Where were you when we were getting high?

    [He is talking about how she has always been so much more sensible and mature then he has-- not being involved with drugs, for instance: "where were you. . .?".]

    Slowly walking down the hall
    Faster than a cannon ball

    [Although she does not try to seem so magnificent/intelligent, "Slowly walking. . ." it comes out anyway-- however slow she may be, she is still "faster than a cannon ball" by comparison to those around her.]

    Some day you will find me
    Caught beneath the landslide
    In a champagne supernova in the sky

    [He is confident that one day a relationship between the two of them will develop, and that she will save him from the excess and decadence that come with musical success; "champagne supernova" let us dissect this to fully understand the reference to decadence: champagne is an expensive sparkling wine; a supernova is the self-destruction (relatively-- I am not here to discuss science) of a star (star-- hah, a rock-star. . .); "in the sky" entices that he is above the rest of the world; he is flying high, per say, and she is to be the one to rescue him from self-destructing the way legends such as Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix did because they did not have a devoted lover of sorts at their side.]

    Wake up the dawn and ask her why
    A dreamer dreams she never dies
    Wipe that tear away now from your eye

    [These three lines are admittedly more difficult to analyse than the previous bits: obviously he is consulting-- or asking her to consult -- the source of something; "her", perhaps the source of his inspiration, the subconscious part of his mind that produces these lyrics, "and ask her why": attempt to decipher the true meaning of the song, of if he (Noel) or she is interested in truly understanding its purpose.]

    Cuz people believe that they're
    Gonna get away for the summer
    But you and I, we live and die
    The world's still spinning round
    We don't know why
    Why, why, why, why

    [Many people, especially in the supposedly drug-addled world of rock music, believe that they can simply ignore their problems, worries, wishes, etc "get away from the summer", but Noel is living on a more realistic level "we live" even if it causes him pain "die", and things are changing rapidly "the world's spinning round" and he does not seem to understand why things must become different "we don't know why".]
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI really hate how whenever this is on the radio they always cut it short
  • Wolf Chinnery from Hemel Hempstead,,, EnglandI could wax lyrically about this finely honed albiet lyrically immature tune and i would because Oasis ,still,embody all that is right about english Pop/rock.But ,wait,,,,ladies and gentlemen,,,,i give you "Cigarettes and alchohol" once again ,,,,i tingle !!
  • James from Dallasq, TxOMG PPL!!! This song is about a guy who smokes weed, but his girlfriend doesnt...listen to the lyrics...hell better yet READ THEM!
  • Dan from Special TowneQuoted from Noel Gallagher
    " Its a song about death. And uh, it kind of goes into rebirth in the middle, and at the end it's about coming back to life. Not unlike Jesus"
  • Krystal from Victoria, Canadahey, I love that part.. slowly walking down the hall/faster than a cannonball.. its so cool. and it makes sense to me..!! anyways I believe a cover of this was on the OC. (which I just recently began to watch, its pretty cool. my friend has me fairly addicted now..) anyways I love oasis (get to see them live soon! :D !) and I know theyre beatles wannabes.. which is awesome, the beatles rock.!
  • Nessie from Sapporo, JapanThey're a good band that could've been great if they'd had a decent rhythm section and more imagination. In other words, if they'd been more like the Beatles. A decent guitarist would've helped, too. Great songwriting, great sound, good band.
  • Diablo from Ipswich, Englandthe line 'slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball' is an oxymoron and if you don't know what that means then you have no right to complain about crap lyrics. I belive this line to be very effective.
  • Royston from Essex, EnglandThis song - and more specifically the line "slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball." exemplify why Oasis are the great underachievers of British rock music. It's not because Liam is a collossal arsehole squeezed into a tiny, tiny man (although he is) it's because they have no f*cking imaginations. What an awful lyric. If you can't come up with something good just leave it blank and sing "la-la-la..." Awful beyond words. But better than "Little James."
  • Dixie from Rome, ItalyI think eric describes the song pretty well, but i think the landslide bit is about having some kind of trip or experience on weed, and feeling like they were in a champagne supernova in the sky! -
  • Sean from Middlesex, EnglandI read somewhere at the time of it's release back in 1995, that this song had something to do with former front man for 'The Stone Roses' Ian Brown. 'where were you when we were getting high?'
  • Eric from Chicago, IlThis is a great song.
    It represents the aftermath of days growing up as troubled teenagers. Love, music, drugs, and dreams. All incorporate. Maybe it's just the way the song is performed, but crawling under the landslide seems to symbolize how some of us take chances that we know will fail in a confusing society. Either way, I love this song.
  • Catherine from Glasgow, England"Caught beneath a landslide"- is this inspired by bohemian rapsody?
  • Catherine from Glasgow, EnglandHow cool are oasis? Beatles wannabes definatly but still great. i saw them t glastonbury and they where fantastic!!!!
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