Album: Don't Believe The Truth (2005)
Charted: 1
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  • Noel Gallagher (from Q magazine, May 2005): "Our poppiest thing since Roll With It. Annoyingly catchy and sounds a bit like The Who."
  • This was the 7th UK #1 hit for Oasis.
  • Sony's insistence that this should be released as the first single from the album helped to fuel the tension between the band and their record label, which led to Oasis not renewing their contract with Sony following the release of Don't Believe the Truth. >>
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    J S Balboa - Essex, England
  • When Noel Gallagher was asked who Lyla was, he answered "Sally's Sister," referring to "Sally" who is mentioned in the song "Don't Look Back In Anger." Sally is a name he made up for that song, so he's implying that he did the same with Lyla. >>
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    Kristian Roberts - Swansea, Wales
  • Liam was not impressed with the song's music video. He recalled to Spin magazine in a 2011 interview, "Some of the videos we did were f---ing shocking. 'Lyla,' for example - we look like f---ing Culture Club on s--t acid."

    Liam Gallagher added to NME regarding the clip in a 2013 interview; "It was meant to be a rock 'n' roll circus thing, like the Stones, but it turned into some Culture Club sh--e."

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  • Kurt from Cape Town, South AfricaThe song's sound is based around The Rolling Stones' 'Street Fighting Man', just realised that when I was listening to the Stones' hit.
  • Neil from Birmingham, United StatesI saw the dont believe the truth tour. I was right at the front. Beyond wordsreally. Awesome!!! Lyla is obviously an alias for something or someone that comes along just when you need it to put a big fat light in your life and pick you up off the ground. wicked song. not necessarily a girlfriend, maybe his daughter?
  • Nathan from Manchester, Englandvery catchy. too bad i missed them when they toured earlier in 2005.
  • John from Seattle, WaLyla IS the sister of Sally. And Sally IS the Sally from "Don't Look Back in Anger." But, she is also, in the first place, "Sally Cinnamon" by the Stone Roses. It was in an interview just before "Don't Believe the Truth" was released.
  • Claire from ManchesterSally is from Don't Look Back In Anger.
  • Greg from Erie, PaSally's from "Don't Look backin Anger," not "Champagne Supernova."
  • Ken from St Johns, CanadaTomas probably knows this already but the reason that Noel said this about Lyla being Sallys cousin , is because He was so sick of people asking Who Sally was in Champagne Supernova.He is quoted as saying "There is no Sally...I've never met a girl called Sally in my entire life"

    I think he wanted the same questions with this song
  • Evan from Nyc, NyOasis is a great band, but this song did not impress me. I liked the album, What's The Story (Morning Glory). That was no doubt the best CD ever.
  • Jeff from Detroit, MiWhy does Oasis never get the credit or noteriety that they deserve?
  • Tomas from Bruehl, GermanyNoel Gallagher said in a german TV show, that Lyla is the cousin of Sally from their song "Don't look back in anger".
  • Andrei from Tallinn, Otherno, it wasn't - it IS 10th
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