White Knuckles

Album: Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (2010)


  • Prince has been cited as a major influence on Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky. On this funk-edged song, frontman Damian Kulash sings in a Prince-style falsetto. He told Rolling Stone: "Purple Rain is the record I've listened to the most in my life. This album is sort of like Purple Rain through broken speakers."
  • The song's one shot music video was directed by Trish Sie, the sister of Damian Kulash, who had previously directed the band's famous treadmill promo for "Here It Goes Again". The clip features the band members performing choreographed actions alongside a number of well-trained dogs and one goat, with the actions set in time to the song. "It took 124 takes," Kulash told UK's NME magazine. "There were many more starts and stops but we actually have slates for 124 full takes. The video you see is one whole take and what you see is all take 72."


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