Bedroom Warfare

Album: Ambitions (2016)
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  • This was the third single to be released from Ambitions, the eighth full-length album by the Japanese band, One Ok Rock. It was the first time that the quartet released an English version of a LP in parallel with one in their native Japanese.
  • Singer Takahiro Moriuchi explained the song's meaning to Kerrang: 'The lyrics are about a boy and a girl fighting each other. It's about that weird in-between stage when you're not dating someone, but you still have that physical relationship. It's odd, but the fun part about being in the relationship is having that back-and-forth. So it's kind of a battle."
  • Moriuchi told Kerrang about the music clip. "We shot the video in Manchester (England). It was at a huge castle where there were still people living there. Just one person, a grandma. She was very kind to us, and she bought tea and stuff out."


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