Jonestown Tea
by Otep

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  • This is a song that Otep Shamaya wrote about her father. She was sexually abused by him earlier in her life and in this song she talks about what she remembered from when he was abusing her and how she feels now. This is one of Otep's more personal songs.
  • Sevas Tra is the band's first album. Otep Shamaya says it "is a story about life's struggles and what you do to overcome them,or what you do to be swallowed by them." >>
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  • Jonestown was a commune in Guyana where cult leader Jim Jones led his followers in 1978. Once there, he ordered them to drink poisoned Kool-Aid, leading to the mass suicide of over 900 people. In this song, the Jonestown Tea is a metaphor for the abuse.
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