Our Lady Peace

Raine MadiaVocals, guitar
Mike TurnerGuitar1992-2001
Duncan CouttsBass
Jeremy TaggartDrums
Steve MazurGuitar2001-

Our Lady Peace Artistfacts

  • This Toronto-based band all met as kids. Their name comes from the Catholic church they all attended. They got together in 1992 when singer Raine Maida answered a "musicians wanted" ad in a local Toronto newspaper. Original guitarist Mike Turner had placed the ad in the paper and the two started writing songs soon after they met.
  • Raine Madia's real name is Michael Raine Madia, but while former guitarist Mike Turner was in the group he thought that it would be silly having two Mikes, so he just used his middle name.
  • Mike Turner left the band during the Christmas holiday in 2001 just before they began recording their 5th album, Gravity.
  • Steve Mazur was chosen from thousands of other entries to replace guitarist Mike Turner. He is the only non-Canadian in the band.
  • Madia studied Criminology at the University of Toronto. He said unlike other courses in university that just make you an analytical thinker, criminology "makes you really kinda delve into your own head I guess, because a lot of the time you are studying peoples' psyches. In that respect, it put a kinda different twist in some of my lyrics."
  • in their earlier days OLP opened up for the likes for Led Zeppelin, Page and Plant, and the Rolling Stones.
  • During an early interview, Raine was asked if his lyrics where politically motivated in any way. He had this to say: "There's a bunch of issues that we stand pretty firm on and will talk about and be aggressive about. But for the most part, the things that happen to us and me in particular, in terms of what I write in my lyrics, are not that unique. And there's no reason for me to sit on a pedestal and preach." >>
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  • Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant was one of the first entertainers to realize that Our Lady Peace was a special band. When Plant heard the band's single "Starseed" on the radio while touring in Canada, he invited the band to join him on tour to open a string of shows. High profile gigs with Van Halen and Alanis Morissette soon followed and OLP was launched into stardom.
  • Our Lady Peace's first album Naveed was released in March 1994. By the end of that year, the album had already sold over 100,000 copies and was certified platinum in Canada.
  • Our Lady Peace's 2000 album Spiritual Machines was a concept record influenced by science fiction writer Ray Kurzweil's book The Age of Spiritual Machines. This was the last OLP album that original guitarist Mike Turner appeared on. In 2010, Turner resurfaced in the Canadian music industry as the guitarist for Crash Karma, a rock super group that also featured former members of The Tea Party, I Mother Earth, and Zygote.
  • When Our Lady Peace released their eighth album Curve in 2012, they were so excited to show people the record that they decided to jump on tour as soon as they could. As a result, the band played much smaller venues than they were used to playing, but the tour was a huge success as most of these shows were sold out.
  • Our Lady Peace began writing their 2012 album Curve in 2010, but after showing a friend named Jason Lader a bunch of the songs they'd done, they decided to scrap the material and start over. Lader told the members of OLP that they should write an album they would want to listen to, so that's what they did. Lader ended up co-producing Curve with the band.
  • In 2012, Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida told The National Post that he thought some of the band's singles misrepresented the band as a whole. When we asked Maida to elaborate in 2012, he told us that "misrepresent" might have been the wrong word to use, but that he did feel like the band's singles didn't necessary give fans an idea of what their albums sounded like as complete pieces of art.
  • Raine Maida told us that their album Curve felt like a triumph for the band because it's an album full of the experimental moments. Maida explained that the band had been trying to get to a certain place for about 12 years, and that Curve is the closest they've come to that place.

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  • Arthur from Lakeland, FlOur Lady Peace had one of their songs used by the WWE. Their song "Whatever" was used as the entrance theme to the late wrestling superstar Chris Benoit until his sudden death.
  • Mojo from Freedom, NyOur Lady Peace has been my favorite band ever since I was a little kid. I am a hardcore fan!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Raine Maida you are a SUPER GENIUS
  • Smith from Manchester, NhHey Danny from Vancouver, they did open up for Led Zeppelin... just without Bonham, on the 1995 tour.
  • Rick from Humboldt, IaI only know the song "somewhere out there" but I love it and I want to know if they are good enough for me to buy their albums.
  • Nikki from Brampton, Canadai love them! theyr canadian just like me! and their songs rock
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaOur Lady Peace is an excellent band. I like their new songs Angels Losing Sleep and Where Are You. I also like a lot of their old songs.
  • Danny from Vancouver, United Statesthey didnt open for zep.... they must of been five when zeps drummer john bonham died and the group was finished. but yeah these guys are pretty cool
  • Micah from Huntington Beach, Catheir song that they do for the wrestler i forget his name it is awsome
  • Lauren from Hfx, MaYeah, it's a poem by Mark Van Doren that they're named after. The band didn't meet as kids. Jeremy auditioned to get in. Duncan and Raine were friends going through high school, and it should be noted that he is not the original bassist.
  • Kristen from Campbellville, CanadaYa if you go on www.ourladypeace.net you will notice their name is based on a poem, you should check it out. I mean like it could be a catholic school but they say they got their name from a poem. Oh, ya and keep posting song meanings I kinda wanna know the meaning for waiting, all my friends, hope...you know what any our lady peace I like them all. Ya, you're sites awesome!
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