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  • This song is about relationships and the dynamics of compromise between two people. When we spoke with Our Lady Peace lead singer Raine Maida in 2012, he explained by saying, "There's a give and take in a relationship and I think at the end of the day, you can only go as far in a relationship as the other person allows you to. You can't force something. You can't demand things of a person that they're not willing to give up. I would hate for people to think it's a negative way to look at it; it's really not meant to be that. It's just supposed to be more of an honest coming to terms with how relationships really function when you break them down."
  • With 2012's Curve, Our Lady Peace wanted to experiment with their sound more than ever before. Their guitarist Steve Mazur told us that this song is "a very different vibe for us" and that it "feels very fresh" for OLP.


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