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  • When Our Lady Peace was writing this song, frontman Raine Maida suggested that they needed to do something different at the end. At first, the band didn't know if it would be a guitar solo, vocal solo, or something else, but they knew it had to be something they hadn't done before. Maida asked guitarist Steve Mazur to put some guitar solos over the end of the song, and as Mazur puts it, "that's what seemed to fit the mood of that part of the song."
  • In 2012, OLP guitarist Steve Mazur told us that the solo he rips into at the end of the song is "not something we've done in the past." Mazur says the song goes off into new territory where it changes key and uses different chords that the band isn't used to. When the recording was done, OLP was surprised with the results and Mazur describes listening back to the solo as "very exciting."
  • Steve Mazur says this is one of two songs off Curve that he's the most proud of (the other is "If This Is It"). The guitarist told us he likes these two songs because they're very dynamic and that the band wanted to become more and more dynamic as the years progressed, even though they knew they were taking a chance by doing that.


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