La Modelo
by Ozuna (featuring Cardi B)

Album: Single release only (2018)
Charted: 52


  • This dancehall-infused club song finds Puerto Rican singer Ozuna hooking up with American rapper Cardi B, who sings in both Spanish and English. Cardi B told Beats 1's Ebro Darden she was honored. "Ozuna's music used to make me cry. For him to want to collaborate with me, that means so much."
  • Ozuna told Billboard in an interview:

    I've done a lot of collabs, but most of the time, it's me on someone else's track. I'd never brought someone like Cardi B into my own music. When you hear, you'll say: 'Wow, that woman is amazing, in English and in Spanish. That to me is the real crossover: a mainstream artist singing in Spanish."
  • The song's '90s-inspired music video was directed by Nuno Gomes and filmed in Jamaica. Gomes recalled to Billboard that for the last scene he tried to convince Ozuna to hold a flare over his head, but "he was very scared to burn his hair like Michael Jackson in that Pepsi commercial" from 1984. Cardi B overheard the conversation grabbed the flare, held it up thus enabling the shoot to be completed.


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