I'm Looking For A Word That Rhymes With Banker

Album: not on an album (2009)


  • Back in 1991, The Screaming Jets gave us "Fat Rich C--ts"; an equally angry if not angrier song - though without the profanity - was born in 2009 in response to the world banking crash and the resulting scandalous bailouts on both sides of the Atlantic. This song was written about the same time about the same issues, though from a gentler perspective.

    To his credit, this old codger plays for over four minutes, yet does not manage to find that word that rhymes with banker - obviously not a fan of Ivor Biggun - or perhaps it's because he also writes songs for his grandkids.

    In May 2011, he told this website: '...when I wrote my 'banker' song (a couple of years ago now) I don't remember being inspired by anything other than anger at the behaviour of investment bankers and at politicians whose policies had created, and then failed to regulate, an environment in which the worst of their practices could flourish. I still feel every bit as angry - "Nick and Rob are Conmen" springs, in part, from the same source.!'
  • The reference to Thatcher may defeat younger readers, who should refer to "Low Life In High Places" and other contemporary songs.
  • This is one man with his guitar; obviously he's left it too late for stardom, but like Frederick Niel Pfiel of "Bad Reputation" fame, oldfolkiepad is yet another example of the extraordinary talent that surrounds us everywhere, and which until the Internet came of age, went totally unnoticed. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3


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