Far Too Young To Die

Album: Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! (2013)
  • Though Brendon Urie wrote the majority of the music for Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! in his home studio, he doesn't consider it to be a solo project. "Yeah, I was writing at home, but we were all kind of doing that. [Bassist] Dallon [Weekes] was writing at home as well, we would email back and forth, and any time I felt like there was a song I wanted to put on the album, I'd email everybody and be like 'What do you guys want to think of this?'" Urie told MTV News. "There's one song 'Far Too Young To Die,' that started from Dallon's idea, but I wanted it to have a more dance vibe, to match the other song on the record, so I asked him if I could to do a production thing on it. So a lot of it was more collaborative than people realize."
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  • Kat from NycHere, this may help. (Well, if links can even be posted here - if not, search for the album through google or just go to gigwise (the url is an easy guess to give you a hint) They give a *track by track* -review- at least, under the name of the band and album.)


    =^..^= (Kat)
  • Kat from NycThat doesn't really explain the meaning of this song. It doesn't explain ANY song, actually. It's basically Urie saying, 'I wrote some songs,' which doesn't describe the album, either, or even give any idea about what the album is about.

    Probably best to just leave it blank if you can't say, "We don't really know." But everyone's a critic, and that's just my opinion.
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