She Had the World

Album: Pretty. Odd (2008)
  • Guitarist Ryan Ross recalled to VH1: "That was one of the songs that took the longest. It was kind of a work in progress over the whole writing process. That was one we did in the summer. No one was that excited about it. Then I changed it a few days before we were going to track it, and it ended up being a lot cooler than I thought it was going to turn out. We had some harpsichords and some really beautiful orchestrations."
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  • Alli from New York, NyI always thought this song was about Ryan's failed relationship with scene queen Jac Vanek
  • Clb from A Place, Vathis song is really pretty. yeah, its a little strange, but isnt it in panic's job description to be weird? thats why we love them
  • Latasha from Austin, TxLindsay, people are alowed to not like something. At first when I heard panic's new cd I was like "what the crap is this!?!" and I hated it, but now I like it even better than the first!
  • James from Bedford, NsHarpsichord!, thats what it was. =)
    this is an excellent piece of music. very tasty syncopation happening at parts, and the transition into the bridge is wonderful. this may be my favourite on the album right now.
  • Lindsay from Cumberland, MeUhmmm ellen, your disoriented. like i bet you've heard it once. the lyrics are amazing nd tune tune is too. so obviously you dont like panic at the disco.
  • Ellen from Sydney, AustraliaDon't get me wrong, ilove Panic at the disco, but this song seemed a little disorientated to me...i dunno, it's kinda wierd...definetly not one of my faves.
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