Cowboys From Hell

Album: Cowboys From Hell (1990)
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  • This is about Pantera coming out of Texas and emerging on the heavy metal scene. Few people would associate Texas with a band like this. >>
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    Fearghal - Omagh, Ireland
  • Pantera splits songwriting credits equally, since all members contribute to the writing process. In our interview with their bass player Rex Brown, he said that guitarist Dimebag Darrell did the heavy lifting on this one. "That was Dime all the way," he said. "Except I play guitar on some of that - the rhythm section that became the mid-bridge break, and also the solo part, I wrote all that. Other than that, that was all Dime."
  • Paul Rachman, who made the film American Hardcore, directed the video, which was shot at a club in Dallas called The Basement. "That's one of the best live videos," Rachman said in a Songfacts interview. "I went to a small club in their hometown and it was amazing. That was really what that band was about."

    "It was a real show," he added. "We did some playback during soundcheck and then in the afternoon just getting some close-ups, some specific shots. And then it was an actual real show with their fans later that night."

    Rachman also shot footage for the "Psycho Holiday" and "Cemetery Gates" videos that day.
  • There is an all-female Pantera cover band called Cowgirls From Hell.

Comments: 26

  • Phil from Long Island, NyMan, Words can't describe how much this band is missed! LONG LIVE DIME!!!!!! RIP
  • Deep from New Delhi, IndiaThe riff .... god it justs smothers everything.
  • Mike from San Ramon, Caamazing song. never gets old no matter how many times i listen to it! YEE! RIP Dime
  • Eric from Alexandria, Mnthis song introduced me to pantera. hardcore fan now.
  • Jon from Mishawaka, Inthis song makes me wanna fight somebody.
  • Scott from Jacksonvill, FlThis Song is one of heavy metal's Finest. My brother looks like the Lead vocalist. RIP Darrel Dimbag
  • Joe from Granite Springs, Nybest riff ever!
  • Jer from Round Lake, Ilbest band outta texas
  • Kodi from Sydney, CanadaI love this song its awesome (Y)

    R.I.P Dime. You are missed
  • Matt from Fullerton, CaGreatest Pantera song EVER!!!!!!

    R.I.P. DIMEBAG '66-'04
  • Kevin from Sandy, UtDime wrote this one his four track tape recorder, and played it for the rest of the band on the way to practice. They liked it and started working on it that day.
  • Dee from Northfield, IlThis is what a heavy metal song should be. It should kick your ASS!!!
  • Justin from Albany, Nyi just started listenin to pantera and i turned this song on and im like WHY DIDNT I START LISTENIN TO THIS BAND EARLIER
  • Dan from New York, NyHey Eric...thats Cemetary Gates. But this was fittingly the song that introduced me to Pantera, and i've been a fan ever since. RIP Dime, and hopefully that rumor about the Pantera Reunion, with Zakk filling in for Dime will come true. No one else can touch what Dime can do. Great guy, amazing guitarist, legendary band.
  • Dave from Beamsville, CanadaI love playing this song in "Guitar Hero" for the Playstation 2! If I could only play it as well on an actual guitar....RIP Dimebag
  • Todd from Brisbane, AustraliaThis is probly one of the best songs i've ever heard. Pantera are probly one of, if not the most underated band(of all time) and im using this song in class for my english assighment. The first time i heard it i thought of it as what Phil would've been like when he was a teenager.
  • Arthur from Sydney, AustraliaThe five-tousandth song entered into the Songfacts database.
  • Dime from Geneva, Nythis is my favorite pantera song. i didnt really know about pantera untill i saw the murder of dimebag darrell on vh1. now pantera is my favorite band.
  • Eric from Wichita, KsThis song came into my life when a very very close relative and mentor passed away. This song made me think of that person. This song holds a near and dear part of my heart....."When she died I couln't cry, the pride within my soul. you left me incomplete. memories now unfold...Through all those Complex years. I thought I was alone I didn't care to look around and make this world my own and when she died. I should've cried and spared myself some pain...Left me incomplete
    All alone as the memories still remain." No lie, I didn't cry at the service but as much as she meant to me I should have. Speaks to my heart. RIP Dimebag, Pantera KICKS ASS!!!!!
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohgreat song from a great album by a great band. Pantera is awesome.
  • Justin from Kittanning, PaBEST BAND EVER
  • Barge from San Francisco, CaWell, we will always remember Dimebag and his killer riffs!!! I encourage every Pantera Fan to have a memorial every year like me and my friends did this year. Watch the 3 video and F S UP!! I almost got evicted from my apartment. I am so saddened by the murder of this amazing man. My thoughts are with you Vinnie.
  • Trent from Swift Current, CanadaToday is the 1 year anniversary of Dime Bag Daryl. We miss you. He shares death dates with Lennon.
  • James from Hazlet , Nmpantera is one most energetic bands live and they still kick ass
  • Drew from Great Falls, MtPanter definitely doesn't get the respect they deserve. probably one of the most underated bands of the last 10 years
  • Alex from St Louis, Mothis has got to be one of the best songs ive ever heard. the riff, the solo, the words, and just listen to the lyrics there badass
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