Album: Great Southern Trendkill (1996)


  • A Pantera classic, this song is about a flood that comes along and ends mankind. It's an allusion to the biblical flood from the book of Genesis, which is part of the Noah's Ark story - God was essentially disappointed with his creations and wanted to start fresh.

    Pantera frontman/lyricist Phil Anselmo covers two themes here: religion and the value of life. He equates the great flood with modern times, questioning if mankind deserves another reckoning for its sins.
  • Dimebag Darrell's guitar solo in this song was voted 15th best of all time by Guitar World magazine, putting him in between Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. >>
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    Brian - Paoli, IN
  • In our interview with Pantera bass player Rex Brown, he said: "That was one of my favorite bass lines on that song. We'd rehearsed it a couple of times and Dime and I sat down for quite a while with that. It was more of trying to get yourself in a mellow mood. It's a blazing solo with a really cool rhythm section underneath it - I'm really proud of the bass line. I think that was Dime's favorite solo on that song."

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  • Bronnie from Raleigh Greatest guitar solo period
  • David from Burleson, TxAgreed this is some of Dime's best work....but everyone seems to be missing some of Rex's best bass too in Floods...
  • David from San Antonio, TxThis song (for me) is a journey. First it makes me mad, then it hammers me with the solo, then soothes me with the outro. Its wonderfull.
  • Deep from New Delhi, IndiaThe guitar lead in this particular song is f--kin-tastic .... Dimebag is the reason why i picked a guitar up, the solo with the rain gives me goosebumps!
  • Knight from Rosenberg,Since May 7th 1996 in a small room I was hit with such a force when I listened to Floods. This song is beautiful and reading all the interpretations is wild and awesome. It's true about the destruction of mankind and in an interview with someone from Metal Edge magazine, they recorded it during a storm and were pretty much drunk. Dime felt it was not quite enough so he sorted through some old tapes and found that beautiful piece using it for what we all feel is one of the most precious gifts on that album. The entire song is magical and does not leave any kind of warning for the following track. Underground America. Mankind plays with grenades.
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaTruly Dimebag's best. Phil's grunge vocal styles, the shivering guitars and the pounding drums and bass when it gets real heavy... That first solo is definitely a lot more melodic than there other songs. Has anyone also heard the bass while the solo is going? sounds cool. I can't help it though cause i have to admit i always, and i mean always get shivers down my spine when i hear the last solo and rain in the background. Sad, Dime was such a great legend. And i'm not just sayin that cause he's dead. I'm 16 so i didn't get much of a chance to see them or listen to them while they were active and dominating the 90's until now. I got every album (except for "reinventing the steel" which i'll get real soon! :)) and if i'd ever saw them back them and got more into them at that time, i would take every chance to see and talk to them backstage and not just brag about all this "im your biggest fan!, i love you guys" s**t.
  • Elias from Ballantine, MtThe first Pantera song I ever heard...I was just dissapointed in there other songs cause this one just blew me away, but I love all of Pantera's music. RIP Dime
  • Bill from Kilkis, GreeceThis song is very emotional. It brigs so many feeling and thoughts in your mind and the solo is superb. It is one of the best Pantera songs (if not the best). Rest In Peace Dime. We will NEVER forget you and your music. We miss you bro.
  • Michael from Nyc, NyFor me, here's the thing about the outro. I used to listen to this song when I was a kid, in high school, troubled, confused. I remember the outro very fondly. Now, when I hear the outro, I just think of peace, tranquility. That's what comes to mind.

    The end of the song is chaos, after the solo, it's loud and harsh. Then, BOOM! Thunder! Rain! Power Chords!

    Then a peace settles.....
  • Allen from Gunni, CoThis song is pretty sweet, the lyrics are pretty damn creepy but the guitar is like amaziong.
  • Jeff from Denton, TxYeah the solo is one of the best super emotional and full of soul. I dont know how many people know this but the outro solo with the rain is a riff he wrote in the eighties if you watch all of dimevision you will see him alone onstage playing it. Hes about sixteen its so sweet check it out.
  • Chris from Wrentham, MaWell, look at the top 10 solos (not in the right order)--Stairway to Heaven, Eruption, Freebird, One, Crossroads, Crazy Train, Comfortably Numb, All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix), Hotel California, and November Rain. Still think Floods is top 10?
  • Patrick from Sarepta, Lathe solo should easily be in the top 10
  • Kodi from Sydney, CanadaThis is such an emotional song. I actually almost cried during the outro with the rain falling and Dimebag playing the guitar.
    - Alex, Houston, TX

    I agree when I hear that outro solo I just feel so sad and I almost cry too.
    Dime was a true hero. I miss him so much
  • Duncan from Atlanta, GaOne of Pantera's best. It's a multi-faceted song, with multiple layers of story to get into. Phil's lyrics are very sparse, so to get the full meaning and feeling of the song one has to listen to the emotions the music evokes.

    For me, the arpeggios and chords throughout the main verse/chorus sections are highly unsettling - the feeling of unease before the storm strikes. Then the section with the heavy distortion and Phil's voice echoing "Flood... flood... flood" into the solo is the actual flooding of the earth, and the destruction of humankind.

    Finally (and this is where most people start to have differing ideas) - the last forty-five seconds of the song. The outro solo. One guy I saw felt that it was a reassuring kind of thing, that humans had survived and that despite the destruction of so much, everything was going to be alright.

    I, however, am inclined to think that humanity is completely destroyed, and that the solo is reflecting the odd silence that the Earth has not known for thousands of years. The gentle trickling of rain is all that is left, and the solo sounds somewhat lost and melancholy in the newly empty world.
  • Alex from Houston, TxThis is such an emotional song. I actually almost cried during the outro with the rain falling and Dimebag playing the guitar.
  • Chris from Beijing, ChinaDimebags greatest solo. Tapping, harmonics...the lot of them.
  • Vuk from Toronto, Canadaamazing solo, I love the ending to the song, the effect he used there sounds sick
  • Eric from Milltown, InLife man. . . RIP IT!!!!
  • Kevin Krupa from Montreal, CanadaWith the rain added to the solo, i personally think this solo has pretty much killed all other solos. Being a musician and listening to a lot of metal, none compare to dimebags emotional shredding. The notes he throws in make sense and are sooooooooooo perfect for the riff.Even Phil sings this emotionally. Great song. This song is all about a huge flood thats destroying all of mankind. It destroying all of the evil in the world, which phil talks about, and seems to be happy that the flood will destory man' bads as he says Then throughout the day mankind played with grenades COLD HEARTED WORLD!!!!!!!!!!
  • Devin from Louisville, Kysounds like dimebag was just pouring his heart out in this solo. such a creepy feeling song, the rain makes it even creepier. great ass song
  • Mike from Philadelphia, PaWithout a doubt the best Pantera song. Yeah, i agree, the rain does make the solo like 10 times better.

    Um, well Zen, it is a good song, but that line is in now way, shape or form, the best in music history. Its not even that clever.

    Not discrediting the song, its amazing, but dont overreact.
  • Zen from Kings Langley, England"Wash away us all...take us with the floods!" Best music line in history.
  • Zen from Kings Langley, EnglandI agree that floods solo is one of the best around and the last 40 secods of the song are without the doubt, the best in music. I still think that 10's solo (on the same album), mouth for war, the sleep and it makes them disappear have better solos although they are nbot better songs. Pantera are the besst hands dwn. F**k you if you disagree!
  • Jomosexual from Manchester, Englandthe floods guitar solo is without a doubt the most emotional guitar solo i have ever heard and this song to me speaks to me about the futility of trying to be a good person and lead the best life possible, and wanting floods to wash you away and take you to a better place
  • James from Portland, OrThe guitar before the outro solo is very searing and depressing. When the rain falls before the outro solo i get chills up and down my spine until the very end of the solo when dimebag darrell messes with the whammy bar. The overall tune of the song is very easy to get stuck in your head because its so simple, yet so riveting. To this day i still believe nobody can hold a candle to dimebag darrell on the guitar. its a shame he died
  • Ben from Boise, IdThis song to me is about having a second flood(aside from Noah and the flood) that washes away mankind because God is still unhappy with humans and the world.
  • Dgbs from Mexico City, MexicoTruly one of the best songs ever... The outro solo with the rain playing in the background... that's just the most perfect guitar piece I've ever heard!
  • Brian from Paoli, InProbably my favorite Pantera song, hard to choose. I love how you hear rain fall before the guitar solo, man that's awesome. Pretty unique song.
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