• As they were looking for new material to record, the Parmalee quartet came across this Jared Mullins, Blake Bollinger and Ben Stennis-penned tune. The lyrics resonated deeply with the foursome but there was no guarantee that they would get the song for themselves. They were worried that Luke Bryan may snap it up, so they successfully approached the head of their label for help.
  • The track was released as the lead single from Parmalee's sophomore album. "I think every line in that song speaks to all of us," lead singer Matt Thomas told The Boot. "It felt like, if it can connect with people just like it did with us, we need to get it out there. That's why we wanted to put it out as our first single off this album."
  • Thomas explained the song is about, "the things that make you who you are... All the things that you experienced growing up, all those things you didn't realize, they stay a part of you. No matter where you end up in life, they'll always be a part of you. It's a reflection on that."
  • Parmalee's sophomore album is titled 27861, which is the group's hometown zip code. Their place of origin is Parmele in North Carolina.


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