Vanilla Sky

Album: Vanilla Sky Soundtrack (2001)
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  • Director Cameron Crowe asked Paul to do this song for his movie, Vanilla Sky. Crowe used to be a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine, and is married to Nancy Wilson from the group Heart. Music plays a big role in his movies - he used Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" in Say Anything, and based his 2000 movie Almost Famous on his experiences as a rock writer.
  • The lyrics were inspired by a waiter who brought a dish to McCartney's table that he hadn't ordered.
  • McCartney won a Golden Globe for this song. >>
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    Klasic Rok - Battle Ground, WA, for all above
  • When Cameron Crowe asked McCartney to do a song for the movie, Paul at first suggested "From A Lover To A Friend" from his recent album Driving Rain. >>
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    Tommy - flower mound, TX
  • This was included on McCartney's 2002 live album Back In The US, which was recorded on his 2001-2002 tour.

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  • George from Belleville, NjI thought Vanilla Sky is a really nice ballad with a sweet melody.It has kind of a haunting feel to it,and I thought it should have won the Academy Award for song of the year.MacCartney still knows how to write them.
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmI thought all The Beatles sung this. Not just Paul. Limewire ripped me off! oh well. GREAT SONG!
  • Eric from Beaverton, OrPaul & Linda seemed to have a great marriage, and she didn't seem like a bad person or anything. She wasn't bad in the band either. How can you knock it? If only everyone could be so lucky to have a marriage like theirs was..
  • Joey R from Boston, MaLets not get carried away. I'm sure Linda was a very nice person and Yoko was....umm... John's wife... but they did not have much talent and could not sing.
  • Brittany from A Place, VaEric, that was a really awful thing to say. If you were in a band, wouldn't you want your girlfriend/wife/whatever with you? You wouldn't want to get stuck not seeing her at all would you? Plus, both Linda and Yoko could sing. Like I said in another post just because they weren't as good as their respective husbands, doesn't mean that they weren't good at all.
  • Gordon from Glasgow, Scotlanddo not compare linda to yoko linda did not sit in the corner of the studio like a stuffed parrot
  • Kristina from Small Town, NeEric, dude, why so bitter? Linda was Paul's first wife and the love of his life. Stella doesn't hate Heather either. She respects her but lets be honest, she isn't her mother. Would any girl like the new wife of daddy when mommy was so wonderful? Paul was heartbroken when Linda died and I was surprised when he remarried. Also, who cares if Linda could sing or not. Paul wanted her to be in every aspect of his life because he loved her that much. He didn't want to spend a night with out her next to him, so she joined the band. John did the same for Yoko and out of the two, give me Linda singing anyday.
  • Kalissa from New York City, NyWoah, Eric!
    First of all, Linda was Paul's FIRST wife,
    Second of all awful as you can see has only one "l"
    and Linda was not awful! Third, She sadly died of breast cancer NOT due to what she ate!
    You seem a little jealous.
  • Eric from Detroit, MiHe was married then got a divorce, and married Linda. He put her in the band. She was awfull. She died of cancer(so much for that vegan diet of her's)He married this one legged woman. She seems nice but his daughter the fashion designer hates her. So I guess if that doesn't work out, maybe then you can have a chance
  • Mia from Elk River, MnPaul, you are so brilliant, will you marry me? I love you
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