Stranger to Stranger

Album: Stranger to Stranger (2016)
  • The title track of Paul Simon's 13th solo studio album finds him wondering what would happen if he and his longtime wife Edie Brickell were to meet again as strangers for the first time. "Can you imagine us falling in love again?" he questions. Simon said during the album playback, "it's about the nerves which comes with happiness."
  • Simon produced Stranger To Stranger with his old friend and collaborator Roy Halee. "Roy was the engineer when we did the Simon & Garfunkel audition tape for Columbia Records," he recalled. "That's how long I go back with Roy. He did Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Graceland, too. He is absolutely still at the top of his game, and knows more about using echo than anyone else on Earth. I'm totally comfortable collaborating with him, and I trust his taste and opinions—it's a partnership."


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