Song For Alice

Album: 22 Dreams (2008)


  • This is a Jazz-Rock tribute to John Coltrane's late widow and Jazz pianist Alice Coltrane, who died in January 2007. Paul Weller explained: "I'm a big fan of hers, and her old man, of course. It was terrible news when she passed away last year. It's a nod to her. There are a few stylistic references -the arpeggiated piano flourishes and the harp, obviously, and there's some tambura in there."
  • This features Robert Wyatt on trumpet. The former Soft Machine band member once described Weller's psychedelic folk-rock sound of the 1990s as "new furniture seasoned from old wood." Wyatt told Mojo magazine June 2008, that on this track he wanted to get" that feeling of spontaneous invention that jazz had."
  • Among the 12 Must-Have CDs that Paul Weller once listed was Alice Coltrane's 1970 album Journey in Satchidananda. Weller said of it: ''It follows what [her husband] John was doing toward the end of his life, exploring Eastern scales and North African sounds and the Indian modal thing. A really beautiful record.'' He also included in his must-have list John Coltrane's 1964 A Love Supreme album.


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