Rush, Rush

Album: Spellbound (1991)
Charted: 6 1


  • As a singer, Paula Abdul is most remembered for her debut album and its hits "Straight Up," "Opposites Attract," and the title track, "Forever Your Girl." It was this ballad from her second album, however, that was her biggest chart hit, staying at #1 in the US for five weeks in 1991 and giving Paula her fifth #1 hit. The song was a stylistic departure for Abdul, whose background was in dance and choreography. While her first album relied on uptempo tracks with heavy production under the tutelage of a voice coach, her venture into ballads on her next album was very successful and earned her an audience on Adult Contemporary radio. She followed "Rush Rush" with another #1, "Blowing Kisses in the Wind," and also hit the charts with "The Promise of a New Day" and "Will You Marry Me?"
  • The video was inspired by the James Dean movie Rebel Without A Cause, and it featured Paula starting a drag race in a remake of the iconic scene. One of the drag racers in the video was played by Keanu Reeves. The up-and-coming actor had some experience with the role: he portrayed a very bad drag racer in the 1989 movie Parenthood.
  • This song was written by Peter Lord, who was in an R&B/funk band called the Family Stand. He wrote "Rush Rush" solo, but teamed up with his Family Stand bandmates V. Jeffrey Smith and Sandra St. Victor for three other hits from Spellbound: "Blowing Kisses in the Wind," "Will You Marry Me?" and "Vibeology," which earned Lord the title of Billboard magazine's Pop Songwriter of the Year for 1991. The Family Stand also produced these tracks.

    In a Songfacts interview with Lord, he said: "'Rush, Rush' actually began as a dare or a joke with my Family Stand bandmate, Sandra St. Victor. Babyface was one of the top songwriters/producers at that time, and I told her I could write one of his type of hit ballads in my sleep (no disrespect). I ran to the piano and playfully played the first chords that would begin 'Rush, Rush' and sang, 'You're the whisper of a summer breeze... You're the the kiss that puts my soul at ease...' I then looked at her and said 'Wait a minute, that's not bad!'"

    This was the second time Abdul struck gold with the help of an obscure, but talented producer/songwriter with an R&B lean; three hits from her first album came from "Oliver Leiber," who despite being the son of the famous songwriter Jerry Leiber, was living in Minnesota and struggling to get his career off the ground.
  • The video was directed by an Austrian named Stefan Würnitzer, who mostly worked in commercials but also directed the videos for "You Said, You Said" by Jermaine Jackson and "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" by En Vogue. The video was produced in association with Lucasfilm Commercial Productions, which led to rumors that George Lucas (of Star Wars fame) directed the video.

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  • Camille from Toronto, OhSurprisingly, Paula Abdul has more depth to her than you think. Here's a song that's rarely ever played on oldies radio, yet was a #1 hit. I always loved it. The video is very classy, too.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhWhy would Toni Basil need Paula Abdul to choreograph her video? Toni was a choreographer practically when Paula was still learning how to walk! Toni was already a popular choreographen when she choreographed and appeared in the Monkees' movie "Head". - Personally, I found the entire album that this song was on ("Spellbound") was a huge disappointment, not near on par to her first album ("Forever Your Girl").
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis was my jam when I was 7. It's still a gorgeous ballad.
  • Ashley from Philadelphia, PaAnd Parenthood came out 1989, and the came out in 1991...therefore, he appeared in the video after Parenthood, not before.
    - Ashley, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ilwell this song is awesome to bad i didnt have her cd.and her music is good to sing to. and if you think about it and give her music a chance you would like this song and others.
  • David from Northampton, EnglandPaula Abdul didn't choreograph the 'Mickey' video by Toni Basil. That was done by Basil herself (and she directed and produced it), and it was based on cheers she had done as a cheerleader in high school in Las Vegas.
  • Brent from York, PaBill & Ted never released a third movie, & they probably won't till keanu doesn't want 20 mill anymore
  • Jenny from Bedford, Uk, EnglandPaula also taught Janet Jackson to dance. I think she choreographed the Rhythm Nation video.
  • Dennis from Romeoville, IlPaula was a coreographer. Her credits include the Toni Basil video "Hey Mickey", a ZZ Top video which was basically instructions for a dance step she made up for them [can't remember title], Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks crazy dance in Dragnet.
  • Pete from Nowra, AustraliaI'm also pretty sure she taught Madonna alot of dance moves earlier in her career
  • Jenny from Hartsville, Wipaula was also a balet dancer which started to get her into bulemmia, which her first husband Emilio Estevez helped her get out of.
  • Nora from Richfield, MnKeanu Reeves was not 'unknown' during the time of the video! He was in the Bill & Ted trilogy.
  • David from Lunceston, AustraliaPaula Abdul was once a cheerleader for the L.A Lakers and a backup dancer for Janet Jackson.
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