Album: Immersion (2010)


  • This track features Liam Howlett, who is the keyboardist and DJ of The Prodigy. The team-up with Howlett ended perceived animosity between the two acts. "When we started out there were a few evil glances thrown backstage at various shows," Pendulum lead singer Rob Swire admitted to Q magazine March 2010. "But eventually we got talking and became mates. I think they've realised they've got nothing to worry about. The Prodigy are an institution."
  • Liam Howlett told the story of the song to the NME July 10, 2010: "Rob (Swire)'s always confessed his love for the band, and he rang me up and said, 'Man, I really want to get you involved on a tune.' It's always a bit odd when you've got two producers in a room, you get in each other's way a bit so I didn't know how it would work. He sent me a tune and I just threw loads of riffs down and spent a few days throwing loads of s--t at it and then walked into his studio and he basically put it together.
    It's kind of weird because their studio's quite sterile; it's like a laboratory whereas mine's like a f--king mess, like a kid's bedroom.
    The end result is what it is and it sounds big, but my ideal way of collaborating is to go into a room and make loads of noise and record it and see what happens rather than putting it all together like a jigsaw puzzle, but that's the way he works, I guess. He's like a sound scientist sitting at that computer."


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