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Album: …But Seriously (1990)
Charted: 57 4


  • This is a single from Phil Collins' fourth solo album, …But Seriously. The song was only a minor hit in Europe, but peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the UK a live version was released as a single.
  • The song's original title was "Lionel."
  • The song features backing vocals from American singer-songwriter Stephen Bishop, whose biggest solo hit was "On and On." Bishop also wrote the US #1 "Separate Lives," which Collins recorded as a duet with Marilyn Martin.
  • Collins recalled to The Mail on Sunday March 28, 2010: "When I wrote this, people were starting to tire of drum machines, but sometimes they create a hypnotic effect. Real drummers get bored and start getting fancy… and I should know!"
  • Collins told The Mail on Sunday about the song's lyrical content: "It's about how you might meet an old flame in the street and start to reminisce, realising that the reasons for breaking up were maybe not what you remembered. We paint ourselves into corners, and pride doesn't allow us to see things any other way."

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  • Mitchell from Liverpool, UkThis song is very special to me. A few years ago I was 16, depressed and thought I had no future. Relationships with my parents felt damaged beyond repair, and I was about a week from ending my life. Then one day I went for a walk, and this song I hadn't heard before randomly came on my iPod. It seemed to describe my situation perfectly, and reminded me that these things happen to us all, and we get through them. That was my turning point, and 7 years later my life is better than ever.
  • Isooba Karim from Kampala UgandaThis song reminds me of Osire. We've not parted but she is too far and may take too long to come back. I miss her too much.
  • Dave from Wheaton, IlIt sounds very much like Phil's take on 'Groovy kind of love'.
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