Album: Heaven and Earth (2009)


  • This is the first single from Contemporary Christian Music singer songwriter Phil Wickham's third studio album, Heaven and Earth.
  • Wickham explained on his blog that this was chosen as the lead single "because we feel that it's message relates to many and never gets old." He added: "It speaks out to those that are hurting, those that are going through tough things. It's a reminder that the God who brought sight to the blind and brought the lame to their feet is the same God who holds you in his arms today. It's my sincere prayer that the simple message of this song would resonate in people's hearts. I wrote it after a moving conversation I had with a man who told me his story. It was a story of God's faithfulness during a struggling time. How God can turn things that seem so grim into things that give Him glory. Think of all those that Jesus healed and saved while he was on earth from great tragedy and sickness and even death. It gave people all the more reason to praise Him!"
  • Bart Millard, the lead singer of MercyMe, is a guest vocalist on the song. Wickham explained on his blog: "This wasn't planned, it just kind of happened and I'm thrilled with the result. In a way, Bart gave me my 'start', so to speak, when he believed enough in what the Lord was doing through my music to take me out on a MercyMe tour when I was just starting out. Now, three albums later, it was an amazing feeling to bring him into my sphere of things. I'm always amazed with how good that guy can sing!"


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