Golgi Apparatus

  • Tom Marshall (a primary songwriter) and guitarist Trey Anastasio wrote this with some friends during grade school and later reworked it as a signature Phish song. It may be the first Phish song ever written. >>
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    Jeff - Kendall Park, NJ
  • A Golgi Apparatus is an organelle found inside Animal Cells. >>
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    John - Woburn, MA
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  • Barry from New York, NyI've heard a story about "GOLGI APPARATUS:" One of the authors of this song, Szuter was at a party and someone put on the JUNTA album but he didn't realize that Phish had recorded it. To his surprise, he heard the song and announced to his friends that he cowrote that song. At first they did not believe him but when he showed them his credit on the album sleeve everyone was shocked (including Szuter who wasn't aware that the song was recorded and released by his old friend Trey Anastasio).
  • Jon from Pittsburgh, Pathis is on phish live 13 and is really good
  • Cosmo from Hudson, Ohlysosomes are also in cells, there in the cytoplasm (thank you dictionary)

    Phish rocks your face off
  • Brett from Philadelphia, PaThis is certainly one of Phish's better songs. I usually try to think real deep and find out what each song means in reality, but as most Phish fans know, it is quite difficult with these guys. I just want to know what the hell is this song about!?
  • Andrew from Miami, FlTrue Ed. The Golgi apparatus is a structure within the membrane of BOTH animal and PLANT cells. It has a single membrane itself. It is a stack of vesicles that are bascially little packages. In this case they package molecules to be transported elsewhere within the cell. The are other smaller vesciles the surround the larger ones. They contain enzymes and hormones from other cellular structures.
  • Nick from Shelton, CtThat is correct, you rule ed ,, i think were in here allone phish rocks yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Eddie from Lachine, MiThe Golgi Apparatus is something inside animal cells, if I remember correctly.
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