Coming Back To Life

Album: The Division Bell (1994)
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  • David Gilmour stated that "this song is dedicated to my lovely wife Polly." This can be heard after the song on the DVD David Gimour in Concert released in 2002. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    JiM - Rouyn, Canada
  • In Pink Floyd: Through The Eyes Of..., by Bruno Mcdonald, Gilmour states: "'This strange but irresistible pastime'? Oh, it's sex, obviously. Sex and procreation." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mike - Melbourne, Australia
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Comments: 9

  • Dina from EgyptI always feel that David Gilmour's guitar is part of him, it weeps, it laughs, it reflects what David Gilmour wants to say, they are one unit. His guitar playing sure reaches straight to the heart and soul. Pure genius.
  • Fermin from Rosario, ArgentinaI think this is one of the best songs that David Gimour has written. When you hear the music, you feel like you're traveling to other place.

    The song starts with a great clean guitar solo, then David sings over the keyboard track. Minutes after it comes a great and very melodic guitar solo. Then David sings another time and finally plays another great guitar solo.

    If you were musician, you would play this song, but never there will be a person who could play this song as David .

    Gilmour makes breath his guitar!
  • Nate from New York, NyCall the police! An upbeat Pink Floyd song!
  • Prashant from Kathmandu, NepalThere are only a handful of guitarists that have a signature sound. Gilmour is one of them! I close my eyes and listen, I can see the energy from his playing. God touched this man with more than the ability to play the guitar! Awesome!
  • Martín De Valdivia from Valdivia, ChileDavid Gilmour stated that "this song is dedicated to my lovely wife Polly." This can be heard after the song on the DVD David Gimour in Concert released in 2002. (thanks, JiM - Rouyn, Canada)
    I´m affraid this statement is wrong, the sentence, can be heard in the presentation of "high hopes", wich is in my point of view one of the most exquisit and magnificent version of this incredible song.
    May be one of the most beutiful songs ever wrote.
    Greetings from Valdivia, Chile.
  • Jake from Oklahoma City, Oki love this song.
  • Swastik from Dharan, NepalI thought this song is about the coming back to pink floyd by Waters.But I was wrong.This is about Gilmours gf.
  • Christopher from Coweta, OkSome of Gilmour's best guitar work.
  • Nathan from Austin, TxSOOOOOOOOO Beautiful! David Gilmour, you are a GOD!
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