Don't Talk About Him, Tina

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  • This song was inspired by Angaleena Presley's brassiere (which the Annies nickname "Mother Bra") and Miranda Lambert's Christian cowgirl friend Tina. Presley told Billboard magazine the story of the song: "I had never done anything like this and our stylist was like, 'you've gotta go get you a good, durable new bra,' 'cause I have huge boobs," she recalled. " So I got this hideous, four-hooked, harness, this beige thing that my boobs are wrangled in at all times. But Mother Bra has a mind of her own. Like we were in Mexico and woke up and she was floatin' on top of the pool.
    "Mother Bra has all these adventures," she continued, "and she winds up in the weirdest places. So Tina was on the road with us, and ol' Mother Bra was just laid out on the stove, she walked through there and picked it up and said, whose is this?' And I grabbed it and said, 'Don't talk about it, Tina,' and we started sayin' that about everything.
    "But the song turned out to be about girlfriends," she concluded, "going out the bar, havin' each other's backs, 'get over it girl, there's more people out there.' So it started out about Mother Bra and it ended up being about good ol' girls like Tina, salt of the earth, you've just gotta have their backs."
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  • Ryan from Tishomingo, Ok I can confirm the song was about Miranda's best friend here in Tishomingo (OK), Tina. I leave her last name out but she's a good friend of mine... who is in Blakes latest video. Tina and her husband are closer to Blake than they are Miranda, who sorta left her out in the cold once the marriage fell apart. Sorta crappy way to leave a friend but yes, the song is about a wonderful person who lives in our small town.
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