Boys and Girls

Album: Turn It Up (2009)
Charted: 1


  • This was the second single by English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott from her debut album Turn It Up.
  • In the song's music video directed by Diane Martel, Pixie plays according to publicity materials, "a cool B-Girl 2009 surrounded by a crazy house party in full swing".
  • Britain's Got Talent band Flawless missed out on appearing in the video. The Sun quoted Pixie saying: "They're my friends so I called them to see if they wanted to be in it with me. They're great dancers and would have been perfect. Oh well, maybe next time..."
  • Pixie let The Guardian August 27, 2009 have a peek at her diary. Here she recalls the filming of this song's video: "There were loads of interesting extras, weird indie boys and rude-boy gangstas. It's got a dance routine. It's unusual for a British performer to do singing and dancing, but it's important if you're a pop star to do everything. British artists might be more quirky but the massive global superstars – the American ones – are proper talented: they can sing, dance, act, entertain. It's a different level of ambition."
  • This entered the UK singles chart at #73, thanks to a single day of sales on iTunes. The following week it climbed to #1, far and away the biggest ever climb to the top position within the Top 75.


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