Backup Plan

Album: First & Foremost (2018)
  • On this pop ballad, Plested is risking it all for someone despite not knowing if it will work out. That someone is really a something. He told Songfacts: "[It] sounds like I'm singing about a person, but I'm actually talking about my love for music - there's no backup plan, it's all or nothing with this career."
  • The music video, directed by Daniel Alexander Harris, follows the journey of an aspiring dancer. Plested explained: "This is the story of 'Leon.' Someone that's dedicating his life to his art and to his dreams. He works in a cafe to earn a living and in his spare time he rehearses relentlessly to perfect his craft. No backup plan, do or die... When I first started writing songs, I was at university studying illustration and working at a café to get by - it was about a year or two before I was fortunate enough to be able to stick to it full time. And even after that, it was years before I wrote a hit song. This is for everyone who has a dream and a passion. Keep at it, have faith and it'll all work out."


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