Being So Not For You (I Had No Right)

Album: Dearest Christian, I'm So Very Sorry For Bringing You Here. Love (1998)
Charted: 44
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  • This is rumored to be a message to Christian, the young son of P.M. Dawn's vocalist Prince Be. It discusses Prince Be's disillusions with the world, and his regret for bringing a child into it. This is also referenced in the album's title, "Dearest Christian, I'm So Very Sorry For Bringing You Here, Love Dad." >>
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  • Luke from Cebu City, Other"Being So Not For You" is my all-time favorite song. The song came out when I was in my late college / late teen years when real/slow R&B was in a plateau. I love the song more now that I learned some of its meanings. I became a father 4 years ago when I was 25. My son adores me; sometimes I also worry for our future. But I became a Christian also 4 years ago when I married my Christian wife, the Lord is my shepherd.//
    I have been a music lover since childhood; I like all the genres. For me all genres will boil down to R&B. I love slow R&B.
  • Walter from Kila, AlActually, that song is LITERALLY a message to Christians. Prince Be, over his whole discography, has been singing about the search for God and, in this song, he takes the persona of God speaking to Christians, his children, saying he is sorry for bringing them into this world knowing what he knows and "feeling the way I feel", i.e. intolerant to sin, which you are going to commit.
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