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  • P.O.D. lead singer Sonny Sandoval manages to rhyme "masses" with "Calabasas" (a suburb of Los Angeles) in this song about the joys of traveling the world and spreading your message. Much of Sandoval's message is driven by his Christian faith, which is apparent in the lyrics, "Commit my life to rebirth, well respected, 'cause that's my word."

    Sandoval shows a lot of swagger in this song, but in his 2012 Songfacts interview, he explained: "I love what I do, but a lot of this is just a facade. It comes down to us being human and loving one another and taking care of each other. There's so much deception that takes your focus off of just loving people and serving people. I've been on the red carpets, I've been on the private jets. Those are all nice moments and what have you. But at the same time, it all ends. I write music, I play music because some kid is listening. It's not to sell records."
  • This was the third single off the band's breakout album Satellite, which was released on September 11, 2001. They almost always play the song at their shows, and for many years, they used it as the opener.
  • Some of the movies to use this song include Rollerball (2002), Grind (2003), and Biker Boyz (also 2003, this one used the Crystal Method Remix).
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Comments: 5

  • Leon from Waterbury, CtRemember when this song was used for, like, almost every action movie trailer? LOL...
  • Tristan from Omaha, NeThis is my favorite song from P.O.D. cause the first time i heard it in the movie "GRIND" I loved it and i think everyone should have a copy of this album cause it has some other great tracks such as "ALIVE" and "YOUTH OF THE NATION"
  • Jeff from San Diego, CaI saw them live in San Diego at SOMA and they rocked. My ears were ringing for 3 days straight! They have an uplifting undertone to their songs. POD will Live Forever!
  • Kristen from Campbellville, Canadathey met blindside on tour a screamo band from swedan so when you see the orange and blue team thats who it is.
  • Ethan from Wilmore, KyI thought the pingball idea was a pretty unique one myself. (On the music video)
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