Coming Back

Album: Snuff The Punk (1994)


  • This song is about Jesus coming back and fulfilling his promise to mankind: "He's coming back for me and you" (Behold, I am coming soon! Rev. 22:7). It could be a reference to the Rapture. P.O.D. are a religious-oriented band and were even more so in their early days. Since becoming mainstream, they have put less emphasis into the Christian side of their music, as they don't want to sound preachy. >>
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    Matt - Houston, TX

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  • Jim from San Diego, CaThis is a message of hope and faith. Check the lyrics.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pasorry testify. my bad.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pai think their new cd testimony is more religious than their last couple
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