Boss's Daughter

Album: War of Angels (2011)
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  • This lascivious track is about a girl who is "hell on heels." She's so self-assured, she walks around like she's the boss's daughter.

    The song is a throwback to the swaggering rock Pop Evil grew up listening to, in particular, Mötley Crüe. To get the authentic sound, they went to the source: Crüe guitarist Mick Mars, who co-wrote the track and played on it.

    "We wanted to pay homage to all the greats that came before us," lead singer Leigh Kakaty said in his Songfacts interview. Our favorite of all time is Mötley Crüe, and getting a chance to work with Mick Mars was a dream come true. When you think of those days - the '80s - it was just drugs, sex, rock and roll, and girls, girls, girls. That's kind of why we got into it when we were young. But now, we wanted to pay homage to that girl that got away - that elusive girl."
  • An influence on this song's lyrics is the 1985 movie Weird Science, where a couple of guys create a woman (Kelly LeBrock) using a combination of technology and sorcery.
  • You can't do a Mötley Crüe homage without a Playboy playmate in the video, so the band enlisted Miss July from 2011, Jessa Hinton, to star in the clip alongside (and on top of) Mick Mars. Nathan "Karma" Cox directed the clip, which was intentionally over-the-top in excess and Americana, with a giant American flag and plenty of dancing beauties.
  • The band considers their song "Lux," from the 2015 album Up, to be a sequel of sorts to this track.


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