Pork Soda

Album: Pork Soda (1993)


  • A little boy asks, "Daddy, why can't I have a taste of your soda?" The father, refusing to allow his son to sip his beer, simply tells his kid that he wouldn't like it. Inevitably, the child asks why. The reply, "Because it's Pork Soda."
  • You can hear a reference to "Kansas Wine," meaning beer. But you could also hear it as "Cans-O-Swine." >>
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    Matt - Marietta, NY, for above 2
  • Running 2:20, most of this song is an incoherent rant by Primus lead singer Les Claypool. It's not the most essential song on the album, but it was chosen as the title track, in part because that meant they could put a claymation pig on the cover. The album ended up going Platinum and earning Primus a headline spot on the 1993 Lollapalooza tour.

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  • Keenan from Clarkston, WaI don't care what this songs about really but I wish there were more facts about the other songs from this album though.

    Also, Keenan from Snoho, thought it was kinda weird we have the same name and live in the same state and looked at the same song, just something I noticed
  • Ed from York, Pathis song gives me a headache
  • Tyler from Victoria, CanadaTo me the lyrics are about an advertisement for alcohol.
  • Keenan from Snoho, Waand what the hell is up with all that "a little boy asks his father..." that doesnt make any sense. where did that even come from? you could have made it up for all i know
  • Keenan from Snoho, Walater in the song you can hear les mumbling on about how its not kansas wine, but it could be heard that way. It's actually supposed to be cans-o-swine. hence pork soda. idiot
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