Something Changed
by Pulp

Album: Different Class (1995)
Charted: 10


  • Two different covers were released on the CD version - a 'boy' version, with the cover being a suggestive photo of a crotch with jeans unzipped and undergarments showing, and a 'girl' version, with the cover being a shot of a woman's cleavage in a red bra.
  • Jarvis Cocker explained the meaning behind the song in an interview with Dave Simpson for Melody Maker magazine around the time of the single's release: "It was originally written about 12 years ago. My sister sang an early version, but it had different words. It never got used, and then I just remembered it. Because it had been written such a long time ago it made me wonder what I was doing then. And I worked out that it must have been written quite near to me meeting this girl. It's just wondering, really. If I hadn't gone out and met this particular person in this particular nightclub, and formed a relationship with her, how different would my life have been? So it's not really about fate, it's more about the randomness of things. Which I like. As I've said before, that's the main thing I feel is missing from my life. The worst thing about having a schedule and a timetable is that there's less chance for unexpected things to happen."
  • The song on the B-side of the single, "Mile End," was featured on the soundtrack to the cult film Trainspotting.


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