Ride The Wild Wind


  • Queen drummer Roger Taylor wrote this uplifting song which encourages us to embrace the excitement and danger life has to offer. He sang it on the demo, but Freddie Mercury handled the lead on the version that was released, with Taylor's vocals showing up in spots as refrains of affirmation ("Push the envelope don't sit on the fence," "Live life on the razor's edge").
  • This was part of Innuendo, the last Queen album released while Mercury was still alive. He was battling AIDS at the time, but determined to keep working. His death came nine months after the album was released.

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  • Jared from Sikeston, MoIt is basically a sequel to I'm In Love With My Car, according to Wikipedia
  • Adam from Boyce, VaMy take on is Freddie is facing death head on and using "riding the wild wind" as a metaphor for it. It has the feel of somebody who really has nothing to lose and is just jumping into harms way taking a chance.
  • Epps from Elmendorf, TxI like the turbocharged race car effect. Very expressive
  • Rosa from Reading, Englandlove this song, feels like freddie is singing it to you, makes sense to me
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