Too Much Love Will Kill You

Album: Made In Heaven (1995)
Charted: 15


  • Originally intended for Queen's 1989 album,The Miracle, this song never made the final cut. Brian May released it on his solo album Back To The Light, and it was finally released by Queen, with Freddie Mercury on the vocals, on their 1995 album Made In Heaven, released four years after Mercury's death.
  • This was written by Queen guitarist Brian May, Frank Musker, and Elizabeth Lamers. >>
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  • Nyonge from TernateI feel more emotion in Brian May version
  • Lynn from OregonI don't think this song had anything to do with Freddie's life. Brian May wrote the song when he was unhappy in his marriage. Brian had issues with depression and at one point after Freddie death actually thought about committing suicide. The song was first recorded, sung by Freddie, in 1988, that was the year Brian got his divorce. He was breaking up his family, with children ages 10, 7 and 1 year old. He had already met his second wife in 1986 and married her in 2000. Brian was going through a lot emotionally when he wrote To Much Love Will Kill You.
  • Nancy from Ludlow, MassachusettsTo Gary V from Arizona. Your comment is pure ignorance and HATE.
  • Redo from Derby EnglandI feel gutted when I hear Freddie sing this song. I think it’s about having lots of lovers and being gay. I loved him so much.
  • Gary V from ArizonaTo me, the meaning of this song is the tragedy many people face when making the decision to "love God, or love man". This is the trap that Freddie was in all his life and both he and Brian May knew it. Brian's perception and interpretation of Freddie's predicament was pure genius and really, a message from God to people consumed by love for man to turn from their idolatry and sinful relationships to HIM, before it's too late and spend eternity away from GOD. Yes, "love" did kill Freddie in the end. Aids did, because he was torn between two choices; love of man and Love of God. In the end, we ALL have to make a choice.
  • Eliseu Carvalho from Canoas, Rs, BrazilThis song is capable of making even the most hard-bitten person cry... I watched the video for Brian's solo version and I think he was very close to burst into tears near the end of it.
  • Margaret from Terre Haute IndianaI have Forever Queen on constantly in the car and even though this is technically Brian's song (whom I adore) I can see Freddie's life in it as well. If you interchanged love with fun. Great song great lyrics.
  • Jonas from Zürich, SwitzerlandFrom Brian's Soapbox:
    "I'm very touched that Too Much Love Will Kill You [has been] a catalyst for onward journeys in emotional lives. I always worried that the song didn't give any answers. I was going to write the sequel ... But I guess that the song, in combination with where my life actually went, does give enough clues. The biggest truth in the song is, I now believe, that staying in the same place, in these situations, and not making a decision, is the recipe for a long slow mental death. Moving yourself on, even if it's in a wrong direction viewed in the long-term in retrospect, seems to be the only way forward, and out. And telling the truth seems to be a necessity. That's a hard place to get to, sometimes..... "
  • Jared from Sikeston, MoBrian May sings this better, in my opinion
  • Wish from Rijeka, CroatiaFREDDIE I AM kneeling in front of u............ I LOVE YOU.
  • Ched - from La Union, Philippinesthe song moves me....
  • Norrie from Paisley, ScotlandThis song rocks, when you listen to the version Brian May sings, you realise how good a singer he is, LEGEND. Freddie is the king/queen :)
  • Dino from Larissa, GreeceSuch pure diamond this song is!Definately one of the greatest freddie's interpretations!You know sometimes i can not believe how talented composer Brian is!...THAKS FOR THE MEMORY FREDDIE....totally missed
  • Dino from Larissa, GreeceWhat a great song it is!One of the most powerful freddie's interpretations!You know sometimes i can not believe how great composer Brian was...
    Thanks for the memories Freddie....Definately missed!
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