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  • According to Josh Homme, this song is about LSD. He said so at a concert in Madison, Wisconsin in October 2005, something to the effect of "since this is a college-town, here's a song about LSD." >>
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    Joe - Rochester, MN
  • Josh Homme told Mojo magazine September 2010 about the lyrical content of Rated R: "People used to ask me what the lyrics were about and I got scared and said, 'They're about something for me but I need them to be about you. They're about nothing'. I was always really sad that I said that, because it's always been the opposite. I always wanted the right sounds to cradle the right lyrics. Rated R was the first time I allowed myself, psychologically, to wear a feather boa out."

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  • Brad from London, Ontario, CanadaThe song is about an LSD trip with one of Josh's friends. The line "Paul's Dad is an alien, oh well" refers to the point where Paul's dad (Paul being the guy he was tripping out with) appeared to be an alien due to the effects of the LSD.

    The whole song is basically about the effects of LSD.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandMost bands will say a song's about something to do with where they are dependant on their sense of humour. Josh Homme's got a very dry sense of humour but they are a desert band so I wouldn't put it past them to have it about LSD
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