Mean Girls

Album: Rachel Crow (2012)


  • Rachel Crow was born on January 23, 1998 and raised in Mead, Colorado by her adoptive parents Barbara and Kelly Crow as her biological mother suffered a crack cocaine addiction. She sang her first song ("Breathe") at 18 months-old and first performed in public at the age of six as part of her school's talent show. Rachel successfully auditioned at the age 13 for the first season of The X Factor in early 2011 placing fifth in the competition. Following her successful run on the show, Rachel signed a music deal with Columbia Records and a TV deal with Nickelodeon for her own TV show. This is the lead single from her debut EP, Rachel Crow, which was released June 26, 2012.
  • Rachel co-wrote the song with New York producer Toby Gad, the man behind hits for the likes of Beyoncé and Colbie Caillat and New York singer-songwriter Autumn Rowe who has also penned tunes for Leona Lewis and Cher Lloyd. Toby Gad also produced the track.
  • Rachel told AOL Music the song was inspired by her own personal experience with bullying, after being called a "weirdo" and a "freak" by her classmates. "Honestly, looking back at it, I feel sorry for all the mean girls and the bullies," she said. "I think there are two sides to everything, and one of the lines I wrote is 'Maybe somebody was cold to you. so you think that's what you're suppose to do.' That's one of my favorite lines, because it's true."
  • Rachel explained to Artist Direct how she wrote this with Toby Gad: "I first met Toby Gad the day we wrote the song," she explained. "We sat down and talked about it. He was like, 'How was school for you?' I said, 'I was bullied by the mean girls because I had big curly hair, this unique personality, and I was different in every way.' We thought it would be a good idea to write a song around that day. It just blossomed from a little flower bud. It was magical and crazy. It's about being yourself and not worrying about what other people think."

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  • Chelsea from Phoenix , AzInspiring song!!
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