Album: The Battle Of Los Angeles (1999)
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  • This is about a young Mexican woman who was murdered in a US sweatshop.
  • This was inspired by vocalist Zack de la Rocha's time spent in Chiapas, Mexico helping the rebel group Zapatistas. De la Rocha is a Mexican-American.
  • This is just one of countless examples of Rage songs that speak out against social injustice.

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  • Jose 79 from MadridPermíteme enseñarte Filosofía.
    María es la fuerza de la libertad
    Cariñosamente Puede adoptar nombre de alguien como usted dice.

    Los pies de María arden como sol.
    Los pies es el medio de locomoción , es el instrumento de acción
    María Es la fuerza , los pies de la revolución.
    Las historias de muerte y sangre alimentan María
    Después Sueña Montañas y ríos , la esperanza

    si no hablas español , me da igual. no hago lo que me dicen
    aprendes o te jodes.

    Jose 79 un G+
  • Boris from RussiaWho knows what mean the line "She stuffed ten to a truckbed"?
  • Fightthepower from Ishtama, El SalvadorSo then he killed her (she didnt kill herself)
  • Fightthepower from Ishtama, El SalvadorIn the line "Myjob isto killyou if youforget totakeyour pill" is an Allusion to"Sleep now in the Fire" where it says there is no other pill to take/so swallow the one that made you ill, which is a symbolof her doing something that was keeping her working there, and she was trying to get free
  • Greg from Braintree, MaNoah, the band was wearing what they normally wear, Zack always wears a collared shirt in both live performances and music vids
  • John Smith from Southington, CtThough I really stick to understanding what Zack is saying, with this song, I can barley put together all the words into one sentence like most other Rage songs. But it has a great beat, a great example of Zack's rapping, and a killer guitar solo.
  • Jamie Jay from West Oxfordshire, EnglandThe sun ablaze as Maria's foot touches the surface of sand.
  • Voiceofthevoiceless from Ontario, CanadaI think I need to clear a couple things up. First things first, yes there are "sweatshops" in the United States. A quick Google search will probably provide you with more information than you'd like to know. To quote another Rage song, the problem is "right outside your door." Secondly, the music video that is shot as a GAP parody is Guerilla Radio, *not* Maria. And finally, Maria was not "murdered" in the sweatshop, she took her own life because she would rather commit suicide than endure the hardships of the slave labour that she was forced into, being an "illegal" immigrant from the sands of Mexico.
  • Jack from St. Paul, Mnthere arent sweatshops in the US are there?
  • Octavio from Liberia, United StatesThe video described by noah is actually Guerrila Radio.
  • Noah from Boston, Maalso, the music video for this song is shot in the classic style of the Gap's commercials of that time. The band is dressed up in solid colored khakis and collared shirts. They also immitate the camera angles of the Gap ads with some members sitting on background boxes, others standing, some walking around the camera. The effect of course is to mock the international textile conglomerates who make their money off of sweatshop workers like the song's hero, MARIA
  • Prat from Ooga, OtherThis song can be taken in a much broader sense too. Maria is simply an anthem to anyone coming to the United States in hopes of a better life , but receives opression instead.
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