Album: The Battle Of Los Angeles (1999)
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  • The original version played live at the Mumia Abu-Jamal benefit in 1999 and had the lyric in the chorus: "From the field, to the factory - mic check, ha ha ha!"
  • The song is sometimes called "Mic Check (Once Hunting, Now Hunted)" referring to the police who were once "Hunting from 9-to-5, through factory lines" and are now hunted on "This modern day auction block." >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA, for all above

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  • Edward from Downey, Ca"the pig who's free to murder one Shucklack" Is about The Police steping over the line and using excessive force. And It happens all the time."Or survivors who make a move and murders one back" is talking about maybe someone who fights back or maybe a reference to Mumia.
  • Andrea from Redondo Beach , CaI think this song has to do with our economy and making just enough to live and the government taking the rest in taxes and such. We bust our asses and the government takes just what it wants. It says "The politricks who rob and hold down your zone?
    Or those who give the thieves the key to their homes?" I strongly believe that the 'thieves' refer to our system, our government.
  • Adam from Niagara Falls, OnCareter and Mark both have their own opinions and as a rage fan you should be able to accept that without criticism. Saying that my opinion of Mumia is that he, his friends, and his family were all subject to police brutality in Philidalphia and he finally gave up using his words to fix this when he saw his brother being beaten by a cop. I would have done the same thing and although I DO think he IS a cop-killer, I think it was justified and in self defence.
  • Sam from Seattle, WaThese comments beneath me are perfect examples of Rage's fans. one is the person who likes it for the melodies and sounds, but doesn't know what Rage stands for. The other is educated, and doesnt give into the media's image. He does his own research on these topics.
  • Mark from Oxfordshire, EnglandCareter, You need to think more and open up! what all about the police brutality which is un-needed and if the governtment can organise alternatives to provent war from our side why cant they organise alternatives to how they controll their police
  • Careter from Philadelphia, PaI used to like RATM before I paid attention to their lyrics and found out what they stood for, I think Mumia deserves to rot in prison and RATM should accept the fact that he is a cop-killing criminal and stop holding concerts in his benefit.
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