Album: Godzilla Soundtrack (1998)
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  • This song is about how the media is used to distract people from problems in the real world.
  • Despite the song's subject, it appeared on the soundtrack for the 1998 remake of the film Godzilla. One line Zack de la Rocha says in the song is, "Godzilla pure motherf--kin' filler, Keeps your eyes off the real killer." >>
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  • Zack de la Rocha refers to America as "Fourth Reich Culture" in the song. He is calling the US an empire who is forcing its culture on the rest of the world who does not want it. Historically, the First Reich is the Roman Empire, the Second Reich is the German Empire, and the Third Reich is Nazi Germany.
  • This song was a bonus track on the Australian version of The Battle of Los Angeles. >>
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  • Donald from MississippiThe real moron is the guy that chose to use it for the movie just because it says Godzilla.
  • Andrea from Redondo Beach , CaI conquer on the fact it is about media and what we see on T.V is purely distraction from the truth of what is going on. Look at where our interest lie. Celebrities, that brand new 300 dollar gucci purse? Who cares? Obviously, in our society, we chose to look the other way on important issues, ones that effect us. This what it's about. Hey Spog, I am from ME too! Born and raised.
  • Tristan from Pennsburg, PaWhen you're born with a name like "Spog" I suppose you end up being picked on so much that you don't have time to learn how to write decimals or percentages. It probably also prevents you from reading the Comment Guidelines, which instruct you not to swear or use bad grammar.
    Too bad you live in the US- you probably lower the property values in your area.
  • Eric from San Francisco, CaAndreas, not all americans are morons...most but not all.
  • Andreas from Copenhagen, Denmarkbrilliant song... cant belive it got onto the soundtrack of a big fancy movie.
    although maybe people just dident really notice what the song really means. moron americans prolly just went "ah he said godzilla and killa" so its cool
  • Sam from Seattle, WaThe Reichs are wrong. First Reich is the German Empire, 2nd is the Weimar Republic after World War 1. The 3rd Reich is Nazi Germany
  • Chris from Las Vegas, United StatesAmerican eyes, American eyes....View the world from American eyes
    Bury the past, rob us blind...And leave nothin behind. I love that line in the song they way Zach whispers it
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