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Album: Insomniac (1995)
Charted: 28
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  • Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong became a father on February 28, 1995, when his wife Adrienne gave birth to their son Joey (named after Joey Ramone). Armstrong was already stretched thin, and now he wasn't getting any sleep because the baby would keep him up. His thoughts were scrambled into a "brain stew," which is what this song is about.
  • Armstrong suffered from insomnia, so he had trouble going back to sleep after the baby would wake him. He still managed to be productive, writing songs as he stayed up through the night. In "Brain Stew," he wrote about exactly what he was feeling, a technique that also produced the up-all-night rock classics "25 Or 6 To 4" and "Sunshine Of Your Love."
  • In addition to fatherhood, Armstrong's paranoia and insomnia were caused by methamphetamine, which he'd been experimenting with. He provides a detailed (and rather gruesome) account of his meth use on "Geek Stink Breath," also on the Insomniac album.
  • The song was originally titled "Insomniac," which ended up being the title of the album. The phrase "brain stew" never appears in the lyric.
  • At the 3:13 mark, the tempo changes and Armstrong uses a different vocal delivery, starting with the line, "Somebody keep my balance, I think I'm falling off." This goes on for 90 seconds before the song ends.

    This last 90 seconds is actually a separate song called "Jaded," but they segue seamlessly on the album and are also joined together in the music video and on the single release.
  • Kevin Kerslake directed the video, which combines both "Brain Stew" and "Jaded." The "Brain Stew" section takes place in a landfill, where the band is apparently hallucinating, seeing hula dancers. When it kicks into "Jaded," the scene changes to Green Day performing the song in a small room. It also goes from long, desaturated shots to quick cuts in vivid color. Around this time, Kerslake also made the videos for "Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter and "Glycerine" by Bush.
  • Chris Vrenna, who did programming and drumming for Nine Inch Nails, remixed "Brain Stew" for the 1998 movie Godzilla, with sounds from the film mixed in. On the soundtrack (Godzilla: The Album), this version is credited to "Green Day featuring Godzilla."
  • Green Day had released two albums on an independent label by the time they signed to Reprise and issued Dookie in 1994. They quickly became the most popular punk band (seemingly a contradiction) in history, selling over 10 million copies of the album just in America. They didn't make singles available for sale in the US, but stayed on the radio and MTV with a series of promotional singles and music videos. When the last Dookie single, "She," faded in the summer of 1995, they waited just a few months, then dropped their next album, Insomniac, in October, with the lead single "Geek Stink Breath." "Brain Stew/Jaded" was the next single; it peaked on Billboard's Airplay chart at #35 in March 1996.
  • This song makes an appearance in the special features of the DVD for Detroit Rock City. James Debello hums the song and says, "There should be a song like that." Edward Furlong replies, "Dude there already is." >>
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  • FynnY’know what, let me finish this argument. Billie is talking about insomnia, “I’m counting sheep but running out” “as time ticks by, still I try.” Along with amphetamine usage “no rest for cross tops in my mind”. He also talks about the usage of weed, hence the lines that describe symptoms of marijuana usage. “My mouth is dry, my face is numb, f--ked up and spun out in my room”. Spun out could be a play on burnout, which is another way of saying someone’s stoned off their ass. In Jaded, he talks about how he rather live a boring life of nothing, than a 9-5 office job. And also about drug use.
  • LindyY'all it's about amphetamines. "Spun out in my room."
  • Skela from WhatIdk what y'all are arguing about but stimulants make dudes horny and crosstops look hot as f--k on girls. "No REST for crosstops IN my MIND." Thinking about crosstops. Or. It could be the plus sign on some extacy not molly pills..
  • AnonymousI think he’s talking about molly
  • Jbatch from Atlanta Keep telling yourself that...LOL
  • Prayut from Call Of DutyThis song is underrated
  • GmaneFrom my perspective sounds like shrooms or lsd
  • Billie Joe Armstrong from SomewhereYou know what it's about speed my past was in a downward spiral but during these hard times it's time for the people to know
  • Jd from Midwest, UsaTo everyone excessively arguing, without hearing a definitive answer from Billie Joe Armstrong himself, it is just as WE interpret it.. sharing my own opinion: I've dealt with insomnia, struggling to care for a new infant etc.. However since now being prescribed amphetamines for ADHD, my mouth has NEVER been so dry! And although I usually sleep decent anymore, you don't know restless until the days just low levels of stimulants won't wear off let alone recreation or meth levels. Recreationally, never tried more than smoking weed honestly, but I know plenty enough about amphetamines by experience and stories from those who played with a lot.. Having dehydrated dry eyes, mouth and sheer restlessness likely signify Stims..... to top it all, has anyone EVER heard someone with insomnia say they're f--ked up and spun out?Lol. I just couldn't interpret it as anything other than him or someone getting regrettably SPUN on meth or amphetamines , and paying the price for it.

    **Side note: anyone happening to read, please don't risk playing with amphetamines, nothing but a nightmare is gonna come of it. My dosage is small, and I'm just reassuring you, rec. dosage is NOT good for ANY mind, just sad to see more and more good folks end up stuck and rewired..
  • Mike from PaEveryone who is trying to say this song is not about meth is an idiot. Listen to the song "geek stink breath" on the same album, "I'm Blowing off steam with methamphetamine" and the line "f--ked up and spun out in my room" from this song (spun is slang for high on meth) I'm not sure how much more on the nose we can get here people.
  • Someone from ChinaThis song is awesome bam
  • Donahueg from Simi ValleyThe song is about speed but not cocaine. Back in the day speed came in a little white tablets that had a + scored on them. You bought them in groups of 10 or 100. And we called them cross tops.
    Imagine not sleeping for three days high on speed. Then re-read the lyrics
  • Kurt from You're MumKevin from Toledo, cross tops is also an 18 wheeler punk fact, it's the first definition of the word you get when you search it up. Next time don't take definitions from urban dictionary, they're unreliable lmao
  • Matt from Bay Area, CaTo the chosen best answer, Kati from Leeds, it is obviously about him trying to go to sleep while spun out (slang for f-ed up on stimulants). The kicker lyric: "F--ked up and spun out in my room" --- Yeah.

    And to reiterate the above to Rosyy from NY, you left out the most important lyric, where he literally says the above quote. I thought 'spun' was a more known term than I'm realizing here. Good on all of you for not knowing it.

    And finally, to Kevin from Toledo, Google 'crosstops', and the first result should be the Bay Area punk band, who Billy (the Bay Area punker) was more likely referencing running through his mind nonstop at the time.This would allude to the concept that he is laying in bed, face numb from a cocaine binge, unable to go to sleep, singing/hearing a song(s) he was listening to earlier that night/day nonstop in his head, which is common in drug induced psychosis, in a way much stronger than you'd think if you've actually experienced it - unfortunately I have. You'd swear they were actually performing in your head.
  • Haley from Indianapolis, InOne of the best songs of all time! Cx
  • Rosyy from New York, CaMy eyes feel like they're gonna bleed,
    dried up and bulging out my skull.
    My mouth is dry,
    my face is numb.
    He is OBVIOUSLY talking about drugs.
    Either he is tweaked out, or on speed.

    My sense's dulled, passed the point of delirium.
    This is where it clicked. His senses are dulled by whatever the drug may be (I think it would be cocaine ) and he is past the point
    of delirium, it is way worse. Note he also says that he is having trouble sleeping, and he is running out of sheep (time)
    the clock is laughing in his face. As to say 'haha I am f--king with your mind now.'
  • Rebecca from Omaha, NeAnd, I really don't think the riff was stolen from 25 or 6 to 4. Who hasn't heard a song that you thought was gonna be something else--and it wasn't. I've heard much more blatant stuff--and there's no way off a few chords, anyone can say 25 or 6 to 4 ripoff. IMO
  • Rebecca from Omaha, NeIt's not about coke--those who say it is, don't know. Kevin from Toledo nailed it first.
  • Viktorya from Northglenn, CoLet's just say this: I'm hyped on speed now & this song relates perfectly. It's 4:30AM & I can't pass out; my mouth is dry, my face is indeed numb... & the clock is sure laughing in my face. C'mon, we know what he's singing about...
  • Crystal from Warren, PaThis is a song I can relate to every night
  • Austin from Peshtigo, Wif--k all you guys who are pissed at Green Day for stealing a simple riff. They did the same thing that Kid Rock did with "All Summer Long". The took the riff from "Sweet Home Alabama" not because they wanted to steal it, but because they wanted to bring new attention to a classic song and have fun doing it.
  • Gabe from Pittsburg, KsI think it sounds like being high on diphenhydramine... not many people have heard of this drug but it's an otc drug for allergys that makes you delirious in high doses. Don't believe me? Look it up or try it out.
  • Nicci from Huntsville, Al, AlSome of you are getting a little too intense with this. "you get cotton mouth from doin coke" Yeah and from smokin weed, but I doubt that's what the song is about. Hell, you can get cotton mouth without drugs being involved. Just because you are a meth speed or coke fiend doesn't mean everyone is. I believe the song meaning listed. Not ruling out that he does/did drugs, just don't think that is what the song is about. I know it would be easier for some of you if he was a raging dope fiend, but that's just not what this is about.
  • Kevin from Toledo, Oh"No rest for cross-tops in my mind"

    As far as I know, cocaine is not typically available in scored tablets. We're talking about amphetamines, people.

    The interesting thing about this song, however, is its uncanny similarity to Chicago's 1970 single "25 or 6 to 4". The lyrics, depending on who you ask, may or may not be a reference to drug-addled insomnia; however, the hook is unmistakable.
  • Joe from Long Beach, Caand cheers on taking 25 or 6 to 4's kickass lick and making it into a completely different song
  • Joe from Long Beach, CaWhatever happened to music meaning something to everyone.
    Be more tolerant to peoples' opinions and if it means something different to someone then it does to me, more power to 'em.
    Music is about what it means to you which doesn't have to be what it means to everyone else so quite arguing like little children and enjoy the music and whatever it means to you.
  • Rickey from Newnan, Gai like to start at A and work back... but as for the chicago thing 25 or 6 to 4 the rhythm is totally different, and why not go back to walk don't run and just add the extra note.... anyways i love them all... it's still rock and roll to me...
  • Luke from Sc, Scdoes anyone else notice that the main riff sounds strangely similar to 25 or 6 to 4? its exactly the same!
  • Kayla from Ballston Lake, NyI'm trying to get to sleep right now(or I was), and I'm telling you, this song DOES describe insomnia just as well as drug use. Interpret it however you want. In my mind it's both.
  • Rob from Fakeview, DcThis song is about cocaine:
    mouth is dry face is numb = coke
    spun = coke
  • Ashlyn from 3oh!3, CoHe's spun, as in high off of meth. You can't slee while you're tweakin, you get MAD cotton-mouth, your mind is on over drive because you feel like you have to be doing something and keeping busy. When you don't sleep or eat for days on end your eyes start hurting bad and they feel extremely dry, some people even use eye drops to help it, because it's impossible to sleep on that s--t.And his face is numb because when you're "spun" your whole body tingles, goes numb, and feels hot. Ths isn't about any insomnia or a baby, he is on a mad upper.
  • Christian from Hubbard, Ohcome on. cumming down from speed is nothing like
    this song
  • Pol from Torrance, BelizeLet me make it abundantly clear.

    This song is about coming down from speed.

    Its not about coming down from cocaine, a baby named jacob, or doing mushrooms.

    Its about coming down from good ol speed.

    Class dismissed.
  • Gabanti from Your Mum, United Kingdomits about drugs, drugs and DrUgS
  • Matt from Houston, Txmegan, back when this came out green day was still good. I discovered them when they came out with american idiot, but I liked there older stuff way better. still do. I like them pre-american idiot , but now I hate the album. It's just too commercial. I like green day but they just aren't the same.And as for the meaning debate, I've had insomnia and did cocaine,and I think it's about insomnia as a side-affect from drugs.
  • Amanda from New York, Ny"Spun out"
    "Cross Stops"
    "I'm having trouble trying to sleep"
    "My mouth is dry, my face is numb,f---ed up and spun out in my room And he also says: Crooked spine, sense is dull, past the point of delerium."

    This sounds like everyone's last coke or XTC binge.
  • Dave from Aurora, Coit's about drugs come on i've never heard someone who has insomnia say they were spun out. And they're face is numb, and mouth is dry? Since when are these common symptoms of insomnia? Just listen to the girl from cedar rapids, she know's what she's talking about lol
  • Wendy from Suffolk, Vathe only people who think this song is about insomnia are those who have never tried cocaine. Why's his face numb? Why's his mouth dry? Cause he's jacked up.
  • Otis from Williamsburg, TnI recently did 3.5 grams of some really good shrooms and this song describes how I felt. It was scary as f--k and my body didnt matter. Luckly I was around friends, but a few quote people told me were "I dont have an age, I am ageless." "Lets talk about doughnuts" "HOLY S--t! My shadow is morphing" Then I went to my room when I thought it was all over... Alone on shrooms... Not fun. Especialy when your roommate doesnt know and is in a bad mood.
  • Megan from Seminary, Mswhoever said Green Days song suck.. you're crazy. Green day is a classic band. their songs are awesome. every one of them. you have no idea what you're talking about. and brain stew is not about being on meth. if you've ever had insomnia then you'd know what he meant by it's hard to sleep
  • Brian from Reno, NvWell according to Billie its about insomnia, so I'm gong with that lol.


    For Dan, Green Day actually does have a song about being on meth called "Geek Stink Breath". Damn good song I'm sure you'd like to take a look at
  • Bryan from East Hampton, NyInsomnia/boredom probably weed to kill time and write music no crazy drugs
  • Dan from Cleveland, OhNow no one can be absolutely be sure, but my friends and I all think it is about cocaine. First of all meth is a poor mans drug, not a rich rock star. You never hear about them being on meth. In addition the lyrics describe a late nite on coke perfectly.
  • Rebecca from Vancouver, Bcgreat song and the first i learned on the g-tar
  • Whitney from ????you guys are confused, jaded the song that is usally after brain stew is about speed. brain stew is about insomnia.
  • Dylan from Kalispell, Mtmichael from tucson has it dead on. thats what insomnias like. u dont have to be on meth to be messed up like that. green day has a couple other songs about insomnia too
  • Amber from Lugoff, ScThis is actually the only Green Day song I like, other than that they pretty much suck. I don't care whether it's about insomnia or being a speed freak, either way I can relate. Plus, it's good song no matter what it's about.
  • J.r. from Columbia, ScWho cares? Why do people always assume these songs are about addiction? At any rate, pretty sure it's about insomnia.
  • Daniel from Charlotte, Ncwow greenday congrats on taking 25 or 6 to 4... at least change up the strumming a bit
  • Jay from Jackson, Msi do have 2 say that this song does sound like its about meth... but hey! that would make there b 2 songs about tweak in this album. i know i know... crosstops... and spun out... but he says I'm having trouble trieng 2 sleep! insomnia isnt the most common effect of methamphitamine. if you ask me, its about billie joes baby. "im having trouble trieng 2 sleep" the baby is obviously keeping him awake. and if it was on meth, there is no point in writing it bcause they already have a song about meth! geek stink breath!
  • Declan from Liverpoolwow people don't half like thinking songs are always about drugs.

    There enough songs about drugs as there are, I like songs that have more specific meanings such as insomnia.

    If your looking for a song on crystal meth try geek stink breath
  • Ken from Clayton, Ncanyone who does coke will know that this song is definetly about yayo.
    ive heard this song all geeked up, and just stopped in my tracks to say, damn thats exactly how im feeling right now

    no doubt about it, this songs about yay
  • Chad from Tupleo, MsPeople please! This some is about being high on crystal meth. If you ever known anyone who has been on it you would know. First.. "Passed the point of delirium". People can actually see things that are not there when they have been on meth for a while. They will totally freak out. Next.."Mouth is dry" is self explanatory. Then.."eyes are bulging out of my skull"... Meth heads will drop weight like crazy. This includes the area around their face. Their eyes will actually look bulged out. "Mind is set on overdrive", "Clock is laughing in my face", etc, is talking about the restlessness and hyperactivity caused by the drug. The term "spun out" is also slang for being high on meth.
  • Kevin from Chateauguay, Canadai love how this song is basically the same thing over and over again but its still good
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhMichael of AZ....You're wrong-Billie Joe wrote this when his newborn son, Jakob, was keeping him up all night. That is what inspired him to write this song. Get you're P's and Q's straight and PAY ATTENTION!!!
  • Michael from Tucson, AzSeriously, this song isn't about drugs. I mean, I see your point and all, but have you ever had insomnia before? It gives you ever feature listed in Brain Stew. This song is about Billie Joe Armstrong not being able to sleep because he's realized that he's on his own, and that no one is taking care of him anymore.
  • Andrew from Adelaide, Australiai think its about when greenday sold out by makin film clips and stuff and the californian fans turned their back on greenday saying they were a sell out hence the lyrics 'on my own here we go' and that thought had kept him awake all night every night
  • Shana from Gastonia, NcThis song is not about a baby! listen this is part of that song..."My mind is set on overdrive. The clock is laughing in my face. A crooked spine. My sense is dulled. Passed the point of delirium". Now does THAT sound like a song about a baby?
  • Brandon from Yuma, AzThis song is about critty (meth). If you've tried this drug then you'll understand the lyrics immediately.
  • Taylor from Birmingham, AlI've always thought that this song was about cocaine. When you're on coke you dont sleep, you're numb, your eyes feel weird and big, your mouth goes dry..I dont know.. maybe its just me
  • Tanya from London, United StatesMaybe its about drugs and imsomnia? Or whatever was going through Billie Joe's mind at the time? When you write songs, they're not always about one thing or situation or feeling in particular, can be loads. Just thought I'd point that out. And just for the record, it sounds alot like being high to me, but relate to it however u want obviously =)
  • Ben from Portsmouth, EnglandIts about weed... ive done weed and ive suffered from insomnia and your mouth dont go dry and your eyes dont bulge our your skull when you cant sleep... but they do when you've done a lil weed
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis is a great song and this song and jaded (aka brain stew/jaded) go perfect together
  • Eileen from San Diego, Caof course its not about drugs, its just the way he sang the first verse of the song it SOUNDED like he was drunk, just to my ears i guess, i dunno 'bout other ppl. this song will be one of my faves. rock on green day!!!
  • Chuck from Slidell, La"Billie wrote this song way back in 1995 or so when his son, Joey, was a baby. Joey was up crying all night, so Billie didn't get any sleep. He wrote this song about how he felt. "Brain Stew" is also the nickname of James Washburn, a longtime friend of the band." this was found on Green Day authority. It's not about drugs, sorry.
  • Micky from Berkeley, CaI think this song is about insomnia! i mean it abviously is, theres no question about it
  • Eileen from San Diego, Cathsi song rocks!!! but in the beginning of the song when BJ says " i'm having trouble trying to sleep, i'm countin' sheep but runnin' out, as time ticks by, but still i try, no reds for crosstops in my mind, On my own here we go..." that part, it kinda sounds like Billie Joe is drunk when he sings it. i dunno, thats what i think. i know.. i'm weird....
  • Tanya from London, United StatesIt's all about being high. But he wrote it when he was up with his kid
  • Zach from Oklahoma City, Oki used to think the song was about after you crashed when you were high "my mouth is dry, my face is numb" i thought it was about just being paranoid kinda like basket case. aparently i was wrong lol
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI think it gets better as it goes on
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI enjoy listening to this song until it gets about halfway through.
  • Jess from San Jose, CaIn regard to the lyrics: "No rest for crosstops in my mind"

    Drug Definition for "Cross Tops"

    DRUG CLASS: Amphetamine, Stimulants and Stimulant Variants

    STREET NAMES: Speed, Meth, Crank, Crystal, Tweak, Ice, Glass, Crosstops
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI can only hear 'hey' matt. Its more of a random shout than 'hey' though. Like evry1 goin mental with the fire n that
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI've never noticed anything else but I'll have a listen tonight
  • Matt from Oklahoma City, OkToward the end of the song (with Dirnt leading the chant with his bass) ... maybe it is just "hey," but it sounded like more.
  • Matt from Oklahoma City, OkOn the live "Bullet in the Bible" CD/DVD, what is the crowd shouting on "Brain Stew"? Seems like an organized effort. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandWhich one paul? Brain stew or jesus of suburbia? You can see Brain Stew if you get Green Day International Supervideos dvd or you can probably download it off but not sure about that, or, which is down til 22nd november i think. Jesus of Suburbia is on definitly. I know that site was havin some technical probs too but i think they're sorted now. Great site that
  • Paul from Castalia, NcDear Tanya, Since you seam to be the "expert" on the subject, were do I go if I want to see this video. Also I think the song is probably about speed, I mean Billie didnt get the nickname "2 dollar bill" for nothing.
  • Yuya from Kyoto, JapanThe Video kinda scares me too, Takashi.
  • Aby from Queens, NyThe song is definately relating to drugs in some ways. For example, when he says:
    My mouth is dry, my face is numb,f---ed up and spun out in my room
    And he also says:
    Crooked spine, sense is dull, past the point of delerium.
  • Kika from Nyc, Nythe begining of the song, except now that i listen to chicago, it's different, i mean 25 or 6 to 4. it's the same notes, but different rythem, sorta, very similar though
  • Kika from Nyc, NyAs much as i love this song, the name is soo annoying. And it sounds a lot like chicago..., the main line that is
  • Kika from Nyc, Nythis is a good song, but i feel like i've heard that line before, and if you've been an insomniac or done meth, you can really relate.
  • Dorrie from Manchester, EnglandThe song is great, the band are great, and us silly fools can argue till the cows come home the true meaning behind the lyrics, at the end of the day the only person who truly knows the meaning of these lyrics is the person who wrote them! and that is nobody on these pages.
    Billie joe is unique long live greenday!
    Dorrie from Rawtenstall, England
  • Jenn from Cedar Rapids, IaOh, its so about meth-nobody says they're SPUN OUT because their baby keeps them up. Trust me-I've been there enough to know.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandElliot, i thought the old woman, along with the rest of the video too, was billie joe hallucinating (passed the point of delirium) But i could be wrong. This song rocks live
  • Takashi from Tokyo, Japanthe video really freaks me out (and so does the song itself). and Eliot from St. Louis- are you talking about the woman during the final "My mouth is dry" part? She's lipsynching the song cuz if you look pretty closley... the inside of her mouth looks (dry)
  • Jon from Miami, TxMartin,
    I am almost certain that "blister in the sun" came out after "Brainstew". Could be wrong though.
  • Mister Penguin from San Francisco-ish, CaUmmm... the chord sequence is Ab-Gb-F-E-Eb, not B-A-Ab-G-Gb. If you were "Depending on Key," then that would mean every song with a I-IV-V chord sequence (or something to that effect) would be the same. And they're not. Sorry, I am obsessed with my guitar right now...
  • Angie from Huntington Beach, CaOk, I don't care what anyone tries to tell you, This song is about SPEED. Ok? So don't believe all that "Oh, His son was just born..." crap. Its all about methamphetamine. Notice he says "Spun out in my room..." If you're so naive as to believe that this song is as innocent as they try to make you think, then I'm sorry to hear that.
  • Jesus from Suburbia, Australiathis song is very good, i liked it the 1st time i heard it. btw .. Greenday are refering to a different 'jesus of suburbia'..
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoThis has a pretty good music video (Green Day is riding a couch being pulled by a truck-thing in a garbage dump), but there is one part of the video i don't understand. During the third verse, an old woman is lip-synching to the song. Who is she and why is she in the video? Please answer me, someone! I was at these guys American Idiot tour at the St. Louis concert, and seeing them play this song reminded me of this question, which I have wondered since like, 2000 (it is 2005 now).
  • Kara from Azle, Txwhy the lead line of this song is b, a, ab, g, gb, is because thats the only cords Billie Joe knows how to play.
    Its a great song that a lot of people think its about drugs. But its not.
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdi think they took the chords from another song. if they did, i cant remember off the top of my head.
  • Kyle from Everett, WaSounds to me like he is twacked out.. Meaning crystal meth/speed. When your on meth you don't sleep. "My mouth is dry, My face is numb, f--ked up and spun out in my room" Spun is a reference to meth.. not to mention he says he is f--t up. "My mind is set on overdrive, The clock is laughing in my face" Mind set on overdrive.. speed IMO. and the laughing clock caused by the sleep seprivation of being up for days/weeks at a time. Also he talks about doing meth in another song on this album.
  • Katie from Loganville, Gayea dude...thats what i thought. i thought he was tweeking
  • Gavin from Chicago, IlThe lead line descending sequence was used by Chicago for their song "25 Or 6 To 4".
  • Josef from Bury, EnglandThis is my 3rd fave song EVER (after In The End-Linkin Park, and Good Ridance-Greenday) I'm learning to play gitaur (Never could spell!!!) and this is the first song I want to play... well the intro anyway!!!
  • Martin from Sydney, AustraliaThe guitar and lead line descending sequence (B, A, Ab, G, Gb - depending on key) was one Green Day obviously liked. They sped it up and used it again on 'Hitching A Ride'. I wonder if they had already heard it in the verses of 'Blister In The Sun' by the Violent Femmes first, though?
  • Matt from Taberg, NyA remix of this song was done for the Godzilla soundtrack. It had the monster roaring in between certian beats throughout the song.
  • Jason from Wylie, Txi always thought it was about being a speed freak or being addicted to speed it certaintly could be interperted that way
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